September Car of the Month


No one can miss senior Brittain Begam’s bright orange Jeep Wrangler when driving through the Chagrin Falls High School parking lot. It’s the CFHS Tiger Times Car of the month. 

Begam has been driving this car since the beginning of this school year. His favorite thing about this car is the color and the wheels. 

The car “really stands out from others,” said Begam. Jeeps are pretty common in the Chagrin Falls High School parking lots, but it’s the bright orange color of Begam’s Jeep that makes it so well known. It’s an Iconic car in the parking lot that can be spotted from a mile away.

Begam loves his orange jeep. 

He chose to get this car because he wanted to “go off-roading and still have fun with daily driving” One of his favorite things about the car is the wheels because they are great for off-road driving. In general the Jeep is one of the best cars available for off-road driving. 

Begam worked incredibly hard to get this car. “I worked over 50 hours a week,” he said. With a little help from his parents and working for many hours, Begam was able to afford this iconic car. 

Although he loves the orange Jeep, it hasn’t been very reliable.

 “I’ve had it since the beginning of school and I’ve already had to replace the starter,” he said. 

Even if it hasn’t been the most reliable car, Begam’s good friend Alex Newton helps him fix up the Jeep. Newton is a senior at Chagrin Falls like Begam. Although he is only a senior in high school, he has some experience fixing up cars.

Newton has taught himself how to fix up cars.

“Mainly just from watching other people do it, and through trial and error,” he said.

Newton also has some other experience working on other cars. 

“I’ve worked on another friend’s mini-van,” he said.

Another friend of Begam, Noah Elseser sarcastically remarked “My favorite thing about Begam’s Jeep is when it stalls at every intersection.”

Despite the fact that Elseser joked about Begam’s Jeep, it is still his favorite car that any of his friends drive by far.

Even though Newton has to fix Begam’s Jeep quite frequently, he really enjoys fixing it.

“It’s a challenge because there is always something wrong with it,” Newton said. Begam and Newton fixing the car themselves is part of what makes it so special. Begam being able to directly work on his car leads to a more authentic and personal experience when driving.

  Begam has only owned this car since the beginning of the school year and it has already become the most recognizable car in the parking lot.