A week in the life of the Golf Captain


Playing since he was 14, senior Drew Mergenhagen is no stranger to the golf course. Today, the  star’s leadership and skill has helped the Chagrin Falls Men’s Golf team reach an impressive undefeated record in the 2022 season.

From practicing almost every day, to dominating opponents on match days, Mergenhagen heavily loves the sport of Golf.

He mentioned that there are many benefits for being on the team.

“I enjoy playing golf because it’s a really fun and engaging team sport,” he mentioned.

 “I’ve also gained so many important relationships from Golf, especially from the other grades on the team.”

Mergenhagen also described a Golfer’s weekly schedule. Golfers have practices around four times a week, with tournaments varying either on weekends or weekdays.

“We have either practices or matches Mondays through Thursdays.” 

With this busy schedule, Golfers normally have Fridays off to rest.

With all this, Mergenhagen’’s favorite days of the week are definitely match days.

“I love match days because of the intensity and the feeling of winning after a match,” he said.

Mergenhagen has been successful this year, shooting a best of 75 at the Punderson tournament. As a Captain on the team, Mergenhagen is responsible for coordinating team uniforms for matches, helping create practice plans, and letting coaches know what players are the best fit for the lineups during matches.

“It’s a lot of responsibility, but I believe our leadership and team chemistry has helped our team succeed on and off the field,” said Mergenhagen.

With high hopes for the future of the season, Mergenhagen hopes to see a state championship at the end of the season.

“The teams been working extremely hard this season, I believe we have a good shot at going to states this year,” stated Mergenhagen.

Staying undefeated halfway through the season brings hope to fans of Chagrin golf. According to Mergenhagen, the team practices around 10 hours a week, which really helps the progression of all players through Jv and Varsity.

Mergenhagen credits the success of the team to the culture and leadership that’s been so beneficial this year.

“Everyone on the team really loves the game and is willing to get better every day. Thanks to team activities like chow downs, the team chemistry has really improved this year” Mergenhagen explains.

With Sectionals quickly approaching, the team is excited to prove themselves.

“We’re all excited to see how far we can make it this year, hopefully to the end,” said Mergenhagen.

Mergenhagen also spoke on the practice intensity following up to the start of elimination rounds.

“With Sectionals coming up, we decided to lock in for our practices and focus extra hard for the match”

Although the Golfers’ weeks are filled with hard work and dedication, it is clear that they love what they do.

“Golf has brought me so many positive benefits throughout my high school career. I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds for me and the team throughout my senior year,” Mergenhagen stated.