Chagrin Falls golf team shines with its recent success


photo courtesy of editor and chief Mary Catherine Cain

Photo courtesy of Zenith Editor in Chief Mary Catherine Cain

Chagrin Falls mens golf is cruising through this season with an undefeated Junior Varsity and Varsity record. The Tigers continue to  challenge any team that turns their way.

With varsity’s undefeated record, sophomore golfer Charlie Pollock credits their success this season to the strong bond of the team.

“We have a good team dynamic and chemistry,” he said. 

While this carries this team the work that the team puts in in the off season heavily contributes.

“A lot of my guys have been on that team for three years already so their experience is what’s carrying us right now,” said Coach David Kimball, the JV coach of 4 years.  

The hardworking Tigers have put in place a powerful flame that is hard to put out. The JV players had a CVC postseason match vs. Hawken and crushed the Hawks in eight strokes. Junior Michael Bidar placed first and shot a 44, while sophomore Xander Burnight came in second. Sophomore Henry Myers said that for the golf team, “success is important.”

“We have an amazing coaching staff. The new golf assistant coach John Davies has really shown us what can change the swing of golf,” Myers explained. 

CFHS mens golf has improved significantly from years prior. The team is on the road to states, which is not out of reach from the team this season. There is a lot of talent in the program this season. The varsity line up includes sophomore Charlie Pollock, juniors Sven Neilsen, John Catney, Oliver Tepper, and seniors Drew Mergenhagen, Ryan Heater, Henry Ryan, Dylan Glickman, Gavin Stevens, and Henry Westendorf. These athletes have traveled incredibly far to get to where they are. Being a part of  Chagrin Falls Varsity golf is a large accomplishment. Pollock puts 10 hours a week into practice, he also practices in the off season along with his other teammates. After being recruited in eighth grade, Dylan Glickman returned home to the Tigers for his senior season. 

Glickman attended IMG Academy. IMG is a boarding school in Bradenton, Florida. It is one of the most prestigious sports, performance, and education institutions in the world. 

He said his experience at IMG was rewarding, but tough. 

 “It was good but challenging being far away from home and my family,” Glickman added. 

Glickman said transitioning back to Chagrin has been challenging because he has been individually coached since seventh grade.

“Being on a team is really hard for me because at my old school there were no teams, you just had your own coach,” Glickman said. 

Glickman has been dealing with a MCL issue but he is still confident. 

 Even with the new editions to the team there is no absence of team support.  

This year the coaches are incredibly proud of the players, and can’t wait to see these talented athletes work their way to the top.  

“If we all stay consistent we have a good chance of winning states,” Glickman said.