The app “BeReal,” takes social media and schools all over the world by storm


By Henry Barr

Since the spring of 2022 students all over the world have been consumed by the app “BeReal.” The app has an interesting style that social media has not seen before.

“OMG it’s time for the BeReal,” students, adults, children, grandparents, and anyone with a pulse grabs their phone and takes their picture. As the user takes a selfie, the app also takes a photo from the front camera, showing the exact position and place that the user is in. 

 Junior Grant Alberts is one of the many CFHS students who are avid users of the app. 

 “I love being able to see where all my friends are at the exact same moment! There is no lying to your friends on the app,” Alberts said. 

The app truly makes the user be real with all their friends. Whether they are in school, eating a meal, playing video games, or getting ready to get some sleep. There is no editing or taking time on your posts when it comes to this app. It keeps users honest and that’s why it has exploded on social media. Most people are sick of dishonest social media users who portray themselves as someone who they aren’t. When the “2 min left to capture a BeReal and see what your friends are up to,” notification pops up there is no time to hide.

Furthermore, since August the app has sat at the top of the top on the leaderboard for free apps. It seems as if the app will not be slowing down anytime soon. 

“Out of all my friends I have yet to see a single one that does not have the app downloaded,” said senior James Kosmides. “It almost seems like everyone is super active on the app.” 

Social media trends have started making funny or inappropriate edits of the “BeReal” during a tragedy. Which has placed a real caution on the app. When tragedy strikes, this app could be a roadblock to safety. We do not want people posting selfies during a horrific event. These sorts of thoughts and ideas place a huge question mark on the app’s style. It seems as if the app may be too real. 

“I do think the app will fall off sooner than later. Apps that randomly pop off on social media like this usually have a fall off. For reasoning I am not totally sure,” Alberts said.

Not every app has long lasting fame like Instagram and Snapchat. The real question is if the app BeReal will ever truly fall off.

From the perspective of senior Jenna Santamaria, she noticed that with school starting, the app has bumped up even more in popularity. “I think that school helps out with the app staying relevant. With a long school day, the ‘BeReal’ adds much more spice to the day,” Santamaria said.

On that note, CFHS will look to continue the rise of the app as the school year goes by. “I cannot wait to see how ‘BeReal’ affects our school year,” Alberts said.