Quizlet drama in CFHS

Photo by Luke Munday

Photo by Luke Munday

The popular online study tool Quizlet has started requiring students to pay after offering a free version for years. 

The company Quizlet, is an online company that is used for studying and learning. Quizlets primary learning features include digital flashcards, matching games, practice electronic assessments, and live quizzes. The learning website has a free version of it with limited features to help you learn. However, they have a paid option called Quizlet Plus for $48 per year. 

CFHS students have been using Quizlet throughout most of their time in school. Whether they use the flashcards feature to study for a quiz, or they use the practice test feature to get a feel of what a test would be like. However, because of the $48 a year you would have to pay for Quizlet Plus, students are getting angry because having to pay more to benefit their learning experience is not right. 

Senior student body president Avery Polcar has spoken about this issue and has a very strong opinion about this topic. 

“We have relied on Quizlet since middle school to learn, and teachers still use it today,” Polcar said.  

People have used Quizlet so much and it is a very important part in some peoples learning process. 

In addition, Avery thinks that quizlet is taking advantage of the opportunity to make students pay. This would appeal to many students’ opinions. 

“I think Quizlet is taking advantage of students because they know we need it, and now we need it enough to pay,” Polcar says.  

Recently, students have been bombarded with work and have needed better ways to study. Quizlet has noticed this and made a new feature where students have to pay more. 

Furthermore, since Quizlet is making you pay, students need to use different studying and learning websites. There are many out there, and it is hard to find the right one. Senior Luke Cornell, is another student that has used Quizlet a lot. However he has used other websites that are good for studying. 

“Websites like Kahoot and Quizizz are great websites that are similar to Quizlet,” exclaimed Cornell. 

There are hundreds of studying websites to choose from, but by far the websites Quizlet, Kahoot and Quizizz are the best to choose from. Students like Cornell have relied mainly on Quizlet to help him. 

A good reason students use Quizlet is to study for their language classes. Things like vocab quizzes can be studied on Quizlet very easily. Cornell took Chinese from seventh grade through freshman year.

“I remember before every Chinese quiz, I would go on Quizlet and look at all of the vocab through the flashcards,” Cornell stated. 

Cornell would use Quizlet before every quiz in Chinese. This shows that Quzlet is a very helpful resource when studying for a test or quiz. 

Junior Tyler Saccone is also a frequent user of Quizlet. He would rather use Quizlet because he is very familiar with it. 

“I would prefer Quizlet because I am familiar with it and have been using it for a while during school,” Saccone said.

Students like Saccone don’t want to use another website because they are comfortable with using Quizlet and because Quizlet has certain features that most students like using. 

To sum it up, CFHS students strongly agree that Quizlet should stop making them pay for extra features that would ultimately help them more than the limited free version. 

“It has become a consistent study habit for us and our grades will drop if we have to shift our study ways,” said Polcar.

Quizlet and other websites will help the students, however, if the extra features on Quizlet were free the students would have better study habits and would possibly get better grades on their tests and quizzes.