New year, new principal

Photo courtesy of Chagrin Falls Schools

Photo courtesy of Chagrin Falls Schools

On August 18, CFHS students returned to campus for their first day of classes, but they weren’t the only ones experiencing a first day. Mr. Mike Janatovich, CFHS’s new principal for the 2022-2023 year’s first school day began that day, too.

The Staff welcomed Mr. Janatovich with open arms.

“They have been wonderful,” Mr. Janatovich said.

It is no secret that starting at a new school can be scary for anyone, no matter if they are a student, teacher, or administrator, but the teachers have been putting in effort to help Mr. Janatovich, and he’s been getting to know them, too. Mr. Janatovich took the time at the beginning of the year to meet with almost every teacher in the school. 

“They shared some things that are important to them,” added Mr. Janatovich.

While this is only his first year at Chagrin, Mr. Janatovich has years of experience in education, and a major understanding of the many layers behind a successful school district. Mr. Jantovich said what sets Chagrin apart from other districts is the kids. He loves the kids here and recognizes the teachers and their care for the school.

“They care about kids, they care about the school, they care about the environment.” Mr. Janatovich explained. 

Mr. Jantovich’s connection to his students is just part of what makes him such a successful principal.

He also finds it important to understand the school’s lifestyle and values. 

Mr. Janatovich said his goals for the first year are to become “fully immersed in the school culture” and “to get to know the students.”

Mr. Janatovich said his favorite thing about working at Chagrin is the energy.

 He also commented that in the hallways, he sees that “kids are happy to be here.”

The job of a principal is not only to do administrative work, but to also help students.

Mr. Janatovich said his favorite thing about CFHS is “having an impact on students.”

Substitute teacher Mr. Christopher Dobeck said his first time speaking with Mr. Janatovich was on the phone. Mr. Dobeck added that just off of that one phone call, Mr. Dobeck could see how charismatic Mr. Jantovich is. 

Mr. Dobeck included that the new principal is someone who “makes you want to join the team.”

The role of a principal in a high school is crucial.

“There’s a reason principal is Latin for first,” added Mr. Dobeck.

The students are big fans of the new principal, too. Luke Neimeier, a junior at CFHS loves seeing the principal outside in the morning greeting the students.

“It’s important for a principal to be visible,” said Neimeier. 

When people become comfortable with a principal, it makes communication easier, and everything runs more smoothly. 

“Seeing his face outside and in the halls everyday makes him seem approachable,” Neimeier said.