Three female athletes of the month


On the course, the court, or the field, female athletes, Megan Miller, Clara Ives, and Izzy Pribanic are trailblazers.

Senior Megan Miller has been playing golf since 2019. Her mom helped her into the sport, but Miller ultimately decided to play because of the “great environment.” This is her first year on varsity, and she’s excited for her senior season.

 “My goal for this season as a player is to be as supportive to my teammates as possible and improve my technical skills to the best of my abilities,” said Miller.

She says that what sets her apart from other athletes is always putting her best foot forward and always working hard, but there’s still some advice she wishes she would’ve heard.

 “I would say to give myself a break once a while, to let the skill come as time continues, and to keep working hard cause it pays off,” said Miller. She has many role models, however, the most inspirational is her aunt Diana Munz, an Olympic swimmer. “It was so inspirational to grow up around such an empowering female athlete,” said Miller.

Next, junior Clara Ives dominates the volleyball court. She’s been playing for 5 years, joining the sport on a whim at a 6th-grade camp. Ives quickly gained skill, making JV her freshman year, and she says what sets her apart from others is her “flexibility and energy.” This is Ives first year on varsity, playing as a middle hitter, but you can’t tell on the court.

“My goals for this season as a player are to be as supportive to my teammates as I can and to improve my technical skills to the best of my abilities,” said Ives. 

She doesn’t play any other sports, instead dedicating all her time to volleyball. She’s even traveled to multiple states for her JO travel volleyball team. 

“Right now, I’m not planning on playing for a college team, but I still want to find ways to participate in the sport in college,” said Ives. 

She’s participated in both co-ed sports and female only.

“I think female sports have more community-based teams, it really feels like a family.”

Finally, sophomore Izzy Pribanic is a star on the girls varsity soccer team. She’s been playing since she was 5 years old, and also enjoys lacrosse during the spring season.

“At first I started playing soccer to be a part of something, however, I continued to play because I loved being a part of a team and being competitive,” said Pribanic.

What sets her apart from other players is the mental toughness she has gained from playing goalie. She has a very positive attitude and high expectations for herself.

“This year our team goals are to win the CVC and win all of our home games. My goals for this year are to be a great teammate and to overall become a better player. I think it’s imperative for us to be role models for younger female players,” said Pribanic.