War In Ukraine September 20 War Update By Sviatoslav Sushko September 2022 Ukraine-Russia War News


War In Ukraine 2022 Update: 

Overview: The war in Ukraine looks like a stand still of events with almost no movement on any of the fronts. Until September 5, 2022. In August 2022, the Ukrainian forces in the south had announced a coming counter attack to retake Kaharson. This was all part of the bigger plan. The forces in the east got into position while the Russians moved from the east to the south to defend “there” Crimea. The Ukrainians and the Russians started fighting for Kahrson. The eastern force of the Russians were there to hold the line in the east so when the Russians finished the Ukranians in the South they would be able to continue the fight in the east. The forces in the east failed their mission on September 5, 2022. The Ukrainains in the east launched a surprise unannounced counter attack to retake all the east. They moved swiftly through the east taking cities like Izum and Kupyansk in the matter of days. The Russians had no choice but to retreat. The Ukrainians reached the border and continued the push southeast into Luhansk.


On September 19 2022, CNN reported with a Senior US military official who said that “Tanks are “absolutely on the table” for the US to provide to Ukraine, but are not an option for the immediate fight because of issues with training, maintenance and sustainment.” He also said “We’re looking at the entirety of the Ukrainian armed forces and considering for the future what capabilities they will need and how the US and our allies will be able to support Ukraine in building out those capabilities,” said the official…”. According to CNN, Ukraine has made some “Incremental gains in the east”. The Ukrainian armed forces continue pushing Russia farther back from the east, claiming the suburb of Kupyansk, Kupyansk Vuzlovyi and two villages in the south east where Kharkiv and Donetsk regions meet.


Nord stream gas line number 1 and 2 has been distributed by a so-called act of sabotage from Russia, a claim made by Ukraine. Ukraine’s presidential adviser, Mykhaylo Podolyak, saids the act was “an act of aggression towards the EU”. According to CNN, Denmark sees Nord Stream leaks as “deliberate actions,” the prime minister says. The Danish FM says “These are critical hours,” after talks with Swedish FM on gas leakage in Baltic Sea.