An update on the war in Ukraine


Image courtesy of Google Commons

Over the summer, the war in Ukraine has mostly been the same but with minor advances from both sides of the conflict. Ukraine has announced the total loss of troops in the conflict since February 24. The total loss of troops from Ukraine is 9,000. On the other hand, Russia has lost a significant amount of military equipment and vehicles since the war began. According to Kyiv Post the total losses of Russia are: Troops 46250, Tanks 1936, Arm VEH 4251, Aircrafts 234, Heli 202, Ships 15, Artillery 1040. Despite their losses the Ukranians still pushed on beginning their preannounced counter offensive on the Karson region in the south on August 29 2022.

After pushing the Russians out of the north of their country the Ukrainians have fought bravely to try and take the east and south of Ukraine. After realizing the war in the east is going nowhere, the idea was proposed to do a counterattack on the south to take back all the land there including the infamous peninsula, Crimea. Crimea is the peninsula in Ukraine that stretches into the black sea. Crimea is home to the Ukrainian naval headquarters, but after Russia annexed it the flagship of Ukraine was scrapped so the Russians would not get it. Now Ukraine is coming back to get the peninsula and its naval headquarters from Russia. According to BBC and AP news, Ukraine has managed to attack the Russian black sea headquarters in Crimea with a drone and blow up 9 Russian warplanes with a missile strike.

According to CNN’s live updates on the war, recently the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, largest in Europe, has been captured by the Russians for an amount of time and was disconnected for the first time in history, saids the nuclear operator of the plant. Ukrainian president, Vlodymyr Zelensky said backup diesel generators were activated during the outage to avert a “radiation disaster” at the power plant. A top US state department official saids Russia’s actions at the power plant have increased risks of possible nuclear radiation release, and calls for end of military activity in the area. 

Russian president, Vladimir Putin has signed a decree that increases the size of the Russian forces in Ukraine. The number grew from 1.9 million to 2.04 million troops. According to a decree published on the Russian protal of legal information the added number of service personnel will be 137,000 troops. Finally, According to CNN, the UK’s Prime Minister visited Ukraine a third time and for a surprise visit on Ukraine’s independence day, he told the president, Zelensky, that “Ukraine can and will win this war.”