Chagrin students’ Valentine’s Day plans


With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, Chagrin Falls students are planning an exciting Monday evening to spend with those closest to them.

Whether students are hanging out with friends, significant others, or family, everyone intends to make it a special day for those closest to them. 

“I will be hanging out with some of my closest friends. I am super excited and it will be a really fun weekend! I have some really exciting things planned and I know all of my friends will enjoy it,” said senior Ella Spremulli. 

Across the board, Valentine’s Day is greatly enjoyed by the CFHS students every year. 

While some students may be celebrating with a significant other, senior Peter Winkelman explains the bigger picture and meaning of the day. 

“I love this day because it’s always very nice to spend time with the people I care about, because I know they care about me, too. It doesn’t always have to be someone you’re in a relationship with. It only comes once a year, so you have to make it count” said Winkleman.

It’s clear that the students love to celebrate this holiday with those closest to them.  

People usually go out to dinner on holidays like these, in order to make the day extra special and exciting.

“I really enjoy M Italian. I also really like Flour because Italian food is my favorite. My friends also really like it, so it’s a good solution,” Winkleman said.

After dinner, dessert always sounds like a good idea, especially to high school students. 

There are plenty of ice cream shops located around Chagrin Falls, so students get to pick from an array of places. 

“My go-to place is Mitchells, because the ice cream is just amazing and it’s a great atmosphere in general. My favorite flavor is either caramel fudge brownie or any of the sorbets they have. It is really fun to go there because there was a very long period of time it was closed due to COVID-19,” said Spremulli. 

Going out to eat is a great activity for Valentine’s Day, because getting out of the house with loved ones is invigorating after many months of lockdown.

However, if spending money this Valentine’s season is not an option, senior Anna Gonzales elaborates on her favorite stay-at-home activities. 

“I love to watch movies and make dinner at home. It’s one of my favorite things to do because I can wear comfy clothes and hang out with friends in the comfort of my own home. In general, I don’t really like going out for Valentine’s Day because the restaurants are always so busy,” said Gonzales. 

This Valentine’s Day will promptly follow Super Bowl Sunday. 

Due to the big event, the weekend before Valentine’s Day may be busy for all, but it is important to make time for loved ones.

“It will be hard to find a time to go out to dinner or lunch, but worst case we just push it back a week. Petition for Valentine’s Week,” Winkleman said.

There are many ways to spend Valentine’s Day, but all that matters is that the time is spent well and cherished by all. 

This Valentine’s Day season, the students of Chagrin Falls will be celebrating happily with friends and family.