CFHS Instagram accounts take the school by storm


Style, lunches, sleeping pics, affirmations, parking mistakes, even the backs of students’ heads. If you have a social media presence at Chagrin, you have all of these accounts filling up your feeds in the past week. 

It started with cfhsbad.parking, an account where students submitted photos of their friends subpar parking jobs, and the account owner, a mystery of course, gave a rating on their parking skills on a scale from 1 to 10, along with a brutally honest caption. In the week following, the account gained over 100 followers. This was where it all started, and from there, accounts were popping up daily with the same premise. Rating the lunches of the cafeteria, questioning whether a chicken sandwich was really chicken, critiquing the outfits of chagrin students, and catching the kids who just wanted a quick nap during class. The Chagrin sleepers account was the second to gain traction and following due to the hilarious off guard pictures of students. But the title of most followed belongs to the CFHS outfits account. 

Junior Ava Kane especially enjoys the CFHS fits account, “I like the account and I love sending my friends outfits in to see their rating, I also enjoy how the account pokes fun at other outfits in a fun way.” Some students enjoy the humor elements of the accounts, especially CFHS affirmations, an account devoted to making sarcastic and witty comments about Chagrin.

“I love the jokes that the accounts make, I look forward to when they post,” said junior Maya Sutte.

The lunch review account has created some controversy around the menus, with many students protesting, along with the account, about the absence of Bosco sticks on the lunch menu in recent weeks. 

“I think these accounts really stir up a lot of conversation in the community and I enjoy the environment it creates,” continued Sutte.  

While those accounts became prominent and enjoyed, other accounts that focused on more random Chagrin topics popped up, like the backs of students’ heads and posture. 

“I feel like the popularity of some accounts led to others being made for no reason,” continued Kane. As opinions and conversation continue to arise, accounts will continue to be made and this trend will not end anytime soon. 

“I see a lot more accounts being made, and I’m looking forward to the entertainment,” said Sutte.