Swimming and diving 2021-2022 season preview


Image of 2020-2021 swimming and diving team. Photo courtesy Zenith photographer Ella Spremulli.

Secure those caps and pop on those goggles, it’s officially the start of swim season. 

The Chagrin Falls swimming team had many successes in the previous 2020-2021 season. 

Hopes are high for the season as well. 

“The boys are going to rock it and we’ll have some stand out girls and we’ll hopefully make it to states,” Coach Beth Sonnhalter is hopeful for this season.

While 2020-2021 was very successful, the pandemic placed many restrictions on the team.

Last year, there were about 40 swimmers on the team but numbers are back up in the 60s like previous years. Now less restrictions are placed and members of the team are very excited. 

This season, the team has many returning swimmers. 

“After being seperated from the guys last year it is going to be very special to get back together this year,” said junior Madi Machado.

With many new members, team spirit and camaraderie is essential to the team climate. This team has 16 returning seniors, including Josh Rooney, Zach Muckle, and Claire Coffey.

Leadership is important to bringing together all the new members on the team. 

“The team relies on great senior leadership to keep improving,” said swim team captain Josh Rooney.

They placed second overall for the Chagrin Valley Conference with the girls earning 406 points and the boys collecting 468.5 points with a total of 874.5 points overall.
At the state tournament, the Chagrin girls swimming team sent Madi Machado for the 100-yard backstroke and 200 yard individual medley. Samantha Holt and Kate LaMonica also competed under the diving category. 

The boys swimming team sent Josh Rooney for the 200-yard medley and the 100-yard medley, Michael Tropf for the 100-yard breaststroke, and Bobby Munz for the 50-yard medley. Keanu Sherman competed for the diving team. Three relay teams were sent for the 200-yard medley relay, 200-yard freestyle relay, and the 400-yard freestyle relay. 

“The whole team already has a really great energy and connection and I have a feeling we are going to perform very well this season,” concluded Machado.