Fall traditions in Chagrin Falls


Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Rankin

Fall is in the air here in Chagrin as many families begin to enjoy the festive fun. With many activities and traditions to do, there is never a dull moment in the village. 

“I love Chagrin during the fall,” said junior Avery Polcar. “It’s the perfect small town with so many traditions.” As a cheerleader, Polcar enjoys Friday night football games during the fall. “I love when you can start to feel the weather change and cheering during this time really gets me in the fall spirit. 

Football is a huge tradition in Chagrin. From watching the Browns every Sunday to  keeping up to date with college teams, football is talked about a lot. 

“One of my favorite traditions is watching college football with my family every Saturday,” said junior Mary Catherine Cain. “It brings my family together and really makes it feel like fall.” 

Many families travel to the annual South Russell Fall Festival that happens in the middle of October. This year, the fun took place on October 17th. The festival included food, hayrides, a tour of South Russell park, bouncy houses for the kids, and of course, candy. Since the tradition has been in Chagrin and South Russel for a very long time, it can be very nostalgic for many high school students. 

“I always attended the festival as a little kid,” said junior Charlie Frederick, 

“My favorite part was definitely the hayrides because it was cool to see the leaves change in the park.” 

Patterson’s Fruit Farm is a staple when traveling through the Chagrin area. The fun fest that takes place every year includes a corn maze, a pumpkin patch, slides and playgrounds, a market place, and a vast apple orchard. 

Junior Camille Zitney loves making the trip out to Patterson’s every year. “It gets me ready for the season,” said Zitney. “My favorite part is definitely shopping at the market and picking apples.” 

Many families in the community also enjoy the many beautiful parks and outdoor experiences that Chagrin is lucky to be surrounded by. 

“My favorite park to go on hikes during the fall is definitely South Chagrin Reservation,” said senior Claire Stinson. As a cross country runner, Stinson often chooses to run in the park and enjoys the views of the autumn scenery. 

Science teacher Mrs. Laseak loves hiking during the fall. The environmental club advisor plans the club’s outings around the best fall views. 

“Holden Arboretum is one of my favorites,” said Mrs. Laseak. “We walk the canopy walks and climb the emergent tower to see the best views.” 

Mrs. Laseak explains that the area is ideal for views of fall foliage or “leaf peeping” as she called it. 

Halloween is also a major part of the Chagrin Falls fall experience. 

“Halloween movies are my favorite part of getting ready for the holiday.” said Junior Phoebe Gleeson. “My favorite Halloween movie is Halloweentown.” 

Trick or treating is a major part of growing up in Chagrin as the village is perfect for a safe and entertaining night. Many families choose to trick or treat in the village because of the Fire Department’s annual haunted house. 

All in all, Fall is wonderful here in Chagrin Falls. 

“It’s one of my favorite times of the year,” said junior Phoebe Gleeson. “I am looking forward to the traditions for the rest of the season.