Chagrin students reaction to “Squid Game”

Chagrin students reaction to Squid Game

The internet is in a frenzy over the new hit Netflix show “Squid Game”.

“Squid Game” is officially the number 1 most-watched Netflix show of all time. It has over 142 million streams worldwide. Warning Spoilers are in this article.

Senior Jane Peck said she likes “Squid Game”.

“Yes I loved the show, it was very intriguing and it was very unique, I have never seen another show like it,” Peck said. 

The show started filming in June of 2020 but was pushed back until October of 2020 because of Covid. 

Senior Emma Murphy said she loved “Squid Game” because of how suspenseful it was. 

“Yes I enjoyed Squid Game a lot, I liked it because it was a very suspenseful show,” Murphy said. 

The show’s plot is 456 players play children’s games until one player is left. The one catch is if you get eliminated you get killed. 

Senior Ellie Moran said her favorite character is Hawg Jun-ho.

“My favorite character was the police officer Hawng Jun-ho, he wanted to do the right thing so that is why he’s my favorite,” Moran said. 

In the show, he plays an undercover cop who infiltrated the game and tried to put an end to it. However, he ended up being caught and was shot. 

Moran says she wishes the show was a little less predictable. 

“I loved the show, but I wish it was a little less predictable,” Moran said. 

“Squid Game” has a lot of twists so it is hard to hide every one of them. 

Another favorite character in the show is Ali. Murphy said her favorite character was Ali.

“My favorite character was Ali because he was the most kind and innocent one. He didn’t deserve how he died,” Murphy said. 

Ali has been one of the favorite characters of the show and many believe he was killed unfairly. 

Peck said her favorite character was Kang Sae-byeok.

“Kang Sae-byeok was my favorite character. She didn’t care about anyone else, she was a boss,” said Peck.

The actual name of the Actress is HoYeon Jung. She has been one of the or if not most liked characters in the entire show. Before “Squid Game”, Jung had 400 thousand followers on Instagram. Since the release of “Squid Game” Jung now has 16.6 million followers on Instagram. 

Lastly, Murphy said she didn’t like the ending of the show. 

“I would change the ending of the show. I don’t understand why he wouldn’t get on the Plane and see his daughter. It made me mad,” said Murphy.