through chagrin falls clubs, a buzzing community forms in unexpected places.


The CFHS book club is Different from most.

Most people picturing a book club in their mind would see a group of 5 or so close friends, but CFHS book club is buzzing with activity with well over a dozen members all talking about different books.

“I don’t think people expect so many people in the book club because last year it was just me and this year it’s a lot more than just me,” said senior Camille Paoletta, leader of the book club

Considering the small book club population of last year, the Fact this club survived Covid is interesting.

To understand the meteoric rise of such a common club type, it’s important to look at it’s leader.

“I think having the club fair this year and having Camille as our president promote it, word of mouth has been very helpful… but truly I would attribute the growth to Camille,” said Mrs. Angie Jameson, CFEVS librarian and the supervisor for the middle school and high school‘s book clubs.

Under Camille’s leadership, the book club orchestrated a pretty large recruitment drive simply through word of mouth.

With all these members, the book club has to keep things interesting for everyone.

“Some people who don’t read a lot join book club just so they can say that there reading and it’s fun,” said Paoletta.

`Seeing the group, talking, laughing, and eating themed snacks together shows how this seemingly “normal” club has evolved into a weekly social gathering.

This was very different from the year before.

“Last year, I got an email from a student last year that read “I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed nick stone’s webenare,…thank you for setting it up!” It’s sad when you can’t create a community of readers, but it’s still positive if one student got something out of it,” said Mrs. Jameson.

While Covid-19 caused problems for all clubs, this shift helped keep the club surviving over a year that ravaged many others.

A greater view into this club could be given through the eyes of a new member

“Over the summer I actually got interested in reading again which I usually wasn’t because of school… I decided to join since I like reading more now,” said CFHS sophomore and new book club member Isabell Nerpouni.

She saw the club advertised in the fair and decided to join.

After being in there for a few weeks, she finds the diversity of thought to be the most interesting.

“There’s a lot of interesting discussions about the books and there are diverse subjects the books are on,” said Nerpouni.

She only wishes that they could meet more often

Considering the events of last year, this community built around reading may be just what they needed.

“There’s a very diverse conversation depending on the day you go and the opinion of the room, and it just feeds off each other’s points of view. It’s just really interesting,” said Nerpouni.