Girl’s Tennis Prepares for Sectionals


After a season full of challenges and hardships, the Chagrin Falls Girls Tennis Team is looking for an ace at sectionals. 

The team finished the regular season with a 3-11 record, but they have really grown together as one strong unit, as they look ahead to the next challenge. 

“The team has become so unified. It’s awesome to see everyone come together to support and cheer each other on,” sophomore Lyla Breeden said. 

The team hopes that their culture and support for one another can help elevate their team to the next level. 

After placing fourth at the CVC meet, they are going into sectionals with some confidence. 

“I feel like we have all really improved on moving our feet and overall just being more aggressive with the ball,” senior Carson Ollila said. 

Although there have been some faults along the way, the team has gotten better each week.

Not only has the team developed their fundamental skills at practice, but they have also improved on the psychological side of the game, too. 

“I have improved my game mentally this year. I really learned how to stay in the right mindset, which has directly translated to my performance,” Breeden said. 

The team believes that they can accomplish great things at sectionals if they can maintain a positive mindset throughout their matches. 

The Tigers will need to bring their A game to be successful at sectionals. 

“I think we need to bring our top game and really focus on accuracy and endurance to keep moving up and winning our matches. Being able to read players’ shots and keeping the ball in play will be key,” Ollila said. 

Focusing on these concepts will propel the team’s chances to win the whole thing. 

Some of the Tigers will encounter new experiences during sectionals. 

“As a freshman on varsity, I have had the opportunity to play more challenging teams and improve my game. This has helped prepare me for what is coming next at sectionals,” freshman Delaney Joyce said. 

Although it will be her first time competing at sectionals, Joyce is confident that she is prepared because of all the work she has put in this season. 

Breeden is another player for the Tigers that will be experiencing a drastic change at sectionals. 

“This year I’m playing doubles for sectionals. I’ve been practicing with my partner Ella Goyzman. I have always played singles, so this is a whole new game for me. So far, Ella and I are working well together but we need to keep practicing before sectionals,” Breeden said. 

This change from singles to doubles will be something that cannot be mastered overnight. Breeden and her partner will need to keep working before their big match. 

The team is looking forward to sectionals and is ready to compete to the best of its ability. 

“My goal is to just play the best I can and not be disappointed with whether we win or lose,” Joyce said.