A Week in the Life of a Cheerleader

Photo of courtesy of Mary Catherine Cain

Photo of courtesy of Mary Catherine Cain

Cheering on the sidelines for as long as she can remember, Avery Polcar is practically a professional cheerleader. Today the multi-talented junior is a star on the squad and loves to find ways to express her love for the sport. 

From spending time with friends, to cheering every Friday for her favorite team, the Tigers, Polcar loves cheering. 

She explained that there are many benefits to being on the squad.

 “It’s such a good environment that gives me so many opportunities throughout the school,” she explained. 

“I’ve also become so close with so many girls from different grade level.”” 

Polcar also explained what it is like to live a week in a cheerleader’s shoes. 

On Mondays the squad splits up to work on decorating. 

“We paint, make stickers, make signs, and do cups.” 

Polcar’s favorite part of Monday’s practice is definitely making cups. 

“I love having a lot of design freedom,” Polcar said. 

Normal practices last for 2 hours and start with stretching and conditioning. Then the squad moves on, working on cheers and learning new material and dances. Polcar’s favorite thing to do during these practices is dance. 

Polcar explained that “it gets everyone involved, and it’s different from chants and cheers”.

In cheer, it’s important to incorporate JV. Polcar explains that varsity comes to JV home games to support the underclassmen on Saturday mornings. 

Throughout the season, there are a lot of traditions that cheerleaders look forward to. One of Polcar’s favorites is definitely baking for the football players every friday. 

In addition, Polcar is looking forward to the powderpuff football game, where the junior girls play against the senior girls while the football players cheer. 

There are also many bonding activities that the squad participates in. The group eats dinner together before every game. 

“It brings the team together and gets us ready for the game,” Polcar siad. 

Fridays are a very important day for the cheer team. The girls arrive at 7 in the morning to get organized and pass out stickers. 

“It is always so much fun to blast music and hand out stickers,” Polcar said. 

After school, the squad gets together to get ready before going to the game. Usually, the girls gather at someone’s house and eat dinner while getting ready.   Polcar helps her teammates with hair and makeup. 

“I always end up finding myself doing everyone’s hair, but I love to help out,” states Polcar. 

At the home games, the team stands on the track and calls the cheers. She cheers on the team in front of the student section and the community. 

“I love seeing all the students and cheering for my community,” Polcar said. 

There are many responsibilities cheerleaders have during the game. Polcar loves running the flag when cheering. 

“The crowd always gets so excited,” said Polcar. 

Another one of her favorite parts is dancing to the fight song while the CFHS band plays. 

After games, the cheerleaders and football players meet up for a chow down and hangout. 

Although the cheerleaders’ weeks are filled with hard work, it is clear that they love what they do. 

“Cheerleading has brought me so many great things,” Polcar said. “ I‘m looking forward to the rest of the season and my senior year.”