Halloween in Chagrin: the resurrection

Halloween in Chagrin: the resurrection

With leaves slowly changing to vibrant yellows, reds, and oranges, this quaint little town fails to hide the palpable excitement in the air as Halloween draws near. 

Considering how Halloween is crawling it’s way back from the grave after it’s virtual absence last year, it’s clear how people have missed it.

“I’m excited because COVID is getting better (kind of) and I think people will be able to hang out again,” said sophomore Elizabeth Partain.

While there may be many differences to a normal Halloween this year, fun unlike what was seen in 2020 will still be had.

One bit of excitement for the students is the ability to wear costumes.

“I’ll probably wear a costume to school, even if I normally wouldn’t, since it’s high school,” said sophomore Aiden Cabic.

Dressing up isn’t always the same fun when few people can see it in person, and the lockdown has clearly led to some feeling more ready to participate in events like these.

Students can even show up to high school in costume.

“Our costume policy has not changed,” said assistant principal Ms. Rassi. “Nothing unduly revealing, nothing with profane language and nothing that fully covers the face. Also nothing that can’t fit in a seat.” 

While this bit of information may seem trivial, Sophomores and Freshmen who have yet to have a real Halloween during high school may find this useful.

This time allows some to reminisce about past Halloweens. 

“A few years ago we had a group of girls who dressed up as Mr. Scott, the coach. They all wore the same outfit and really put some thought into it,” said Ms. Rassi. “It really speaks to the relationship these kids had with Mr. Scott that they felt comfortable to do that.”

There are many other Halloween events missed and that people hope may make a return.

“I like the  Haunted Firehouse, it’s really a staple of Chagrin,” said Cabic, who missed this attraction when it was shut down last year.

The Haunted Firehouse is planned to make a comeback from 6-8 pm this Halloween, according to a post on the Chagrin Falls community Facebook page from September 23.

Even with all of these events returning, the spectre of COVID is still haunting Chagrin.

“I definitely think people will be more cautious with going to parties and stuff,” said Partian.

While everyone will treat the occasion differently, there’s no doubt some safety precautions will be taken in comparison to normal years.

Despite this, it’s clear that people will be more together this year.

“Anything that involves the younger grade levels and that just brings us together as a district, across buildings, are the types of things I really enjoy. I’m hoping for good weather this Halloween so people can go out and trick and treat safely and still feel like they are part of the celebration,” said Ms. Rassi.