Introducing a new club


Image of clubs offered at CFHS

Chagrin Falls High School hosted their annual Club Fair in the Commons on September 10, during students’ lunch periods. 

The newest club, the Kindness Club, was there presenting their ideas to students. 

“Through our club fair presentation and by word of mouth, we were able to get a great group of people together,” co-president Aly Kaplansky said. 

Kaplansky and other club members think that this can be a special club in our school. 

When approached to help run this club, new E-Commerce and Marketing teacher Mr. Bakalar thought it was a unique way to get involved.  

“I thought it was a great opportunity to give back to our students and help them look at the positive things in our school,” club advisor Mr. Bakalar said. 

Mr. Bakalar will help lead this group so they can reach their full potential. 

The leadership at the top of the club is motivated and has a clear vision of what they want this club to be. 

“I wanted to promote inclusion in our school and bring everyone together through acts of kindness,” co-president Kaplansky said. 

The Kindness Club hopes that their random acts of kindness will be contagious to others throughout the school. 

They want to positively affect each student whether they are in the club or not. 

“I want to help promote a positive school culture, help people recognize and reflect on the good things that happen in the school, and also just cheer people up,” Mr. Bakalar said. 

Club members are encouraging others as they try to make the school a better place for everyone. 

They plan on doing this in a number of different ways. 

“We will do activities that show our appreciation to those around us through letters, thank you notes, and more. We also plan on spreading kindness throughout the school with thoughtful gestures and positive messages,” Kaplansky said. 

She said that by noticing the good things happening around them, people will begin to have a more positive outlook on our school. 

Students are also looking forward to making new friends that they may have not met without this club. 

“I joined this club because I thought it would be a great opportunity to meet others, especially underclassmen,” said senior Kristen Boral. 

Oftentimes there is a disconnect between upper and lower classmen. This club is attempting to bridge that gap and make our school a tighter group. 

As we begin to move forward this school year, students will continue to find ways to positively impact everyone in our school. 

“I hope this club positively influences others and encourages kindness in our school. Remember to always be kind!” said senior Boral.