Coronavirus pandemic impacts high school’s students and culture. 



Covid 19 has hit different people in the community in a variety of ways, leading to some students changing massively while others stay more stagnant. 

Some students argue this may change the experience of being a student in Chagrin.

The lockdown caused many students to radically change their lives, causing mental health struggles and other forces that change how these young minds think.

“I think that everyone matured a little bit more over quarantine than they would have over the usual year and a half,” said CFHS sophomore Nick Rohde.

This maturity comes in many forms, whether taking care of themselves, or how they present around others.

This affects how students treat each other.

 “It’s just been super eye opening and it’s changed everyone’s attitude with how close we are to people and the experiences we had as a lot of opportunities were not possible,” said TJ Grobelny, another student at CFHS.

She also mentioned how the effects on mental health helps develop empathy among students who have now had to deal with similar struggles.

This empathy from the shared struggle leads to many effects on its own.

Grobelny claimed that, in her experience, everyone seems nicer to each other and just happy to have the opportunity to be together at the school.

Considering the massive problems related to bullying around schools, this helps create a safer, more comfortable environment for vulnerable high schoolers.

The sheer impact of this crystalizes when considering how terribly Covid-19 and the lockdown following it has affected students.

Granted, this observation is not universal, as some may feel the opposite.

“I don’t like to be as social anymore. I only hang out with people when I want to, whereas before I would just do whatever,” said Rohde.

This idea comes from having to figure out how to just be all alone for a long amount of time.

Others argue that such a change may be exaggerated.

“I don’t think it will impact anything, but I just hope everything will go back to normal,”  said CFHS sophomore Quinn Purnhagen.

With high school usually being such a transformative year, it’s possible that the end result won’t lead to much of a difference in the interactions of Chagrin students.

Among the people who felt a shift, the question of how long it will remain is still up in the air.

The interviewee’s generally believe that this effect may settle back to normal  in 1 to 3 years.

Despite this, many hold firm on the idea that such a major effect has helped mold the culture of Chagrin Falls High School to its core.

“I felt a difference. Everyone feels closer and there’s more of a unity between people because we are just grateful to have the opportunity to be around each other and to be able to communicate and everyone’s just happy to be here,” said Grobelny.