Senior editors


Everyone loves “The Tiger Times” but who are the people behind the scenes putting the newspaper together?

Emma Livingston, Katie Nelson, Owen Lewis, and Ali Brown are all senior editors for “The Tiger Times”. Let’s learn about the senior editors for the historic  “The Tiger Times”. 

Owen Lewis is the sports editor, he said his favorite moment in newswriting was throwing a surprise birthday party for Mr. Kasee. 

“My favorite moment in newswriting would have to be throwing a surprise birthday party for Mr. Kasee. We decorated the room in five minutes when he was in the hall,” Lewis said. 

Lewis was a major reason the surprise birthday party happened. 

Emma Livingston who has taken newswriting since sophomore year said her favorite newswriting moment was starting the podcast “The Growl”.

“My favorite newswriting moment is when we started the podcast, it was just the best feeling,” Livingston said. 

Go check on the “The Tiger Times” podcast called the Growl on apple podcasts. 

Livingston said the thing she is going to miss most about newswriting is the people.  

“I am going to miss the people most, although I’m not super close with everyone it is such a great time,” Livingston said. 

This class of newswriting seems to have an unbreakable bond that will carry on even after high school. 

Lewis said his favorite article he has written is the Valentine’s Day gifts. 

“My favorite article to write was the iconic best Valentine’s Day gifts,” Lewis said. 

If you are an active reader of the “The Tiger Times” you know Lewis yearly best Valentine’s Day gifts article. He has to pass the torch down to someone else to write this Iconic article.

Ali Brown, the “The Tiger Times” editor-in-chief, said her favorite newswriting moment was being taught how to design the newspaper. 

“My favorite newswriting moment definitely had to be when Alexis Christie, our former design editor, taught me how to design. It opened up so many opportunities for me. I was then able to help out with the Alumni Newsletter with Mr. Mckenna, so there was a wide range of things I could do with those design skills,” Brown said.

Brown is ultimately responsible for all decisions on the newspaper so she works very hard.

Brown said her favorite article she has written was about the district theme.

“I think my favorite article I wrote had to be writing about the district theme, “Home,” a couple of years ago. It was cool to talk with Dr. Hunt and also Mrs. Read, who was the current principal of the Intermediate School at the time,” Brown said.

It is hard to pick a favorite article when you write so many but that is a great article to pick. 

All in all, thank you to our senior editors of “The Tiger Times” and all Senior staff writers. To end this article Brown says how she will miss interviewing people the most. 

“I’m going to definitely miss designing and writing articles. I’m super thankful to Mr. Kasee for letting me explore creatively while designing and encouraging me to become more confident in my writing. Overall, I know I’m really going to miss interviewing people, and getting to know people I normally wouldn’t meet,” Brown said.