Chagrin vs St. Edward ends in a tie


The Hardball Classic is a charity event with all proceeds going to Cleveland Indians charities, Chagrin played St Edwards at Progressive field for this event on April 16. 

The game was fantastic, it was electric and dynamic. The game went down to the wire eventually ending in a tie 1-1. The game ended in a tie because the 2-hour time limit was exceeded. Starting first baseman Andrew Kirkpatrick said playing at Progressive stadium was an awesome experience. 

“It was an awesome experience. Playing in a stadium like that is an extremely cool experience, and for the game to be as electric as it was really just added to the experience,” Kirkpatrick said. 

Chagrin was only one of eight teams who played at the Hardball classic this year. 

Starting Center fielder Donny Hardy said the team played very well.

“I think as a team we played well. It was a pitching game. Our pitching was amazing. We just needed to swing the bats more and look for more ways to score,” Hardy said. 

The three pitchers who pitched were Jack McMullen, Richard Higley, and Dawson Pierce. 

Starting second baseman Mikey Amendola said he was a little nervous playing at Progressive stadium. 

“I was a little nervous at first because it was a big game and there was a lot of excitement but once I was actually out there I was more focused on just doing my best to help the team win,” Amendola said. 

This was a very anticipated game with Chagrin ranked second in Division two in the state and St Edwards being a division one school. 

Playing at a professional sports stadium is every kid’s dream. Hardy said everything was perfect about playing at the stadium. 

“It was very cool to play there. Just it being so big and imagining the crowd filled with fans. Everything was so perfect about it,” Hardy said. 

Progressive fields can hold 35,000 people at full capacity.

Kirkpatrick said the grass and dirt felt different at Progressive field compared to high school fields. 

“The coolest part had to be how prestigious the field was. The feel of the grass and dirt on the field just felt different,” Kirkpatrick said. 

It makes sense that the field is a lot more prestigious. 

Hardy said how he is excited to see the full potential of the team. 

“I am looking forward to seeing what our true potential is. We have some very good kids that can play ball and I wanna see how far we go,” Hardy said. 

Chagrin is currently 11-1 on the year with their next game against Rocky River on April 23. 

All in all, Kirkpatrick said he feels like they can beat anyone they play. 

“I feel like I am not alone when saying that this year’s team has super high potential. With pitching like Jack and Dawson and how well we’ve been hitting, we are definitely in contention. But we just have to continue to keep showing up every day and playing our baseball and I think we can beat anyone we play,” Kirkpatrick said.