The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

After the conclusion of Marvel’s “WandaVision” there were questions on where the story would lead. It was not until the first episode of “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” premiered that those questions were answered. A new super serum had been created(the one used to create Captain America) and was distributed to a terrorist group called the Red Hand. The Red Hand is trying to achieve life as it was when half of humanity was swept away in the blip. It is the Falcon and Winter Soldiers job to stop them. Before the loss of Captain America, Steve Rogers gave his shield to the Falcon. The Winter Soldier was also attempting to prove himself to the Avengers after being brainwashed for several years. Senior Jacob Maher explained the significance of these events.

“The Falcon receiving the shield creates a completely new dynamic within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It means a new Captain America,” Maher described.

Not too far in the future the shield ends up being donated to the government. With no leader for America,  there was a replacement named John Walker. Senior and Marvel finatic John Baldwin expressed his views on the new Captain America.

“John Walker is not Captain America. He does not represent the purity that Steve Rogers did and never will. Walker killed an innocent and has power he doesn’t know what to do with,” elaborated Baldwin.

In the most recent episode, it is discovered that Walker had taken the super serum and is now super human. While fighting the Red Hand, Walker’s partner is killed. The first thing Walker does with his anger is kill a member of the Red Hand in front of a crowd of people with the vibranium shield that belonged to Rogers. He then attempts to do the same to the Falcon and the Winter Soldier when they attempt to take the shield from him. Walker ends up being defeated and the shield is taken back by the Falcon. These events cause him to lose his role as Captain America. Senior Thomas Gregoire described his joy of the situation.

“The shield rightfully belonged to the Falcon and John Walker did not deserve to have it. I am very happy that Walker lost his job and the shield,” Gregoire said.

With the shield back with its rightful owner, the Falcon begins to train with the shield. Baldwin expressed his theory of what the Falcon will do.

“I believe the Falcon will become the new Captain America. Not exactly like Steve Rogers but his own version of the soldier,” explained Baldwin. 

The final episode has yet to premiere and there are many theories on who the main antagonist will be. Maher gave his thoughts on what might happen.

“I think that the Red Hand will be stopped early on and the real antagonist will be John Walker. Walker lost his job and is filled with anger so I believe he will want to kill the Falcon and the Winter Soldier,” Maher said. 

However the series ends will play a large role in the future of the Avengers. Gregoire describes his hopes for Marvel.

“I hope the series concludes with the Falcon and the Winter Soldier defeating the Red Hand and John Walker. If this happens then the Falcon will become Captain America and the Winter Soldier will reestablish his trust with the Avengers,” Gregoire stated.