“Godzilla vs. Kong” Movie Review


An anticipated film, “Godzilla Vs. Kong” recently released onto various platforms for fans to enjoy.
A battle between two alpha monsters for the title, “King of Monsters”. With this basic plotline known to viewers, a battle of two kings means supporters on both sides of the fight.
“I think this won’t even be a challenge for King Kong,” stated senior Xavier Perez. “I mean he has the title king in his name, and he’s still growing. Some big lizard stands no chance.”
Many people support Kong in this battle against the already crowned King of Monsters. Whatever the argument, there seems to be no compromise on the Kong fans part, they are out for blood.
Equally passionate are the Godzilla fans. Coming off of a recent film in which Godzilla played a key role, the fans see no reason their champion should lose in a fight to an “oversized monkey”.
“I don’t understand how people can think Kong stands a chance against Godzilla,” explained senior Mikey Amendola. “In the last film, he killed the last king and all the other bowed down. There’s no way he loses to King Kong.”
Godzilla seems to be the last of his species on earth. He is still young and still growing more powerful by the year. It will be a tough fight for either monster.
The movie starts with a basic outline of the plot, in which the humans need to move Kong for certain reasons. Once he leaves his enclosure, Godzilla is on the move.
“The first fight scene between the two really builds up the suspense before the fight,” stated Perez.
The movie really builds the first encounter between the two and shows the clear hate each has for one another. Taking place amidst a fleet of battleships, it creates a feeling of uncertainty about where Godzilla may pop up.
After the brief fight between the two, King Kong continues on to complete his “mission” given to him by the humans.
“Where King Kong ends up is a really cool and unique concept,” stated Amendola. “The special effects really enhances the scene and adds much more to the rivalry between the two alphas.”
The place Kong ventures into becomes a key component to the story, and builds on the human side of the plotline.
King Kong fans especially enjoyed this part of the movie, given what he finds.
“What Kong stumbles on is essentially his home, and what he found made me much more confident for his future encounters,” explained Perez.
As seen in the trailer, Kong is depicted wielding a giant axe. Which seemining level the playing field between the two.
Once Godzilla senses King Kong again, they have another encounter in the streets of Hong Kong.
“I especially loved this fight because of the setting,” explained Amendola. “The cinematic experience was amazing and they really nailed the look of this scene.
However, the movie is not just King Kong and Godzilla fighting. There are other, more sinister powers in play. Watch this movie to find out what could possibly be more powerful than Godzilla and King Kong.