Top 5 Easter basket gifts

Top 5 Easter basket gifts

Easter is such an underrated holiday, you wake up and get a basket of goodies dropped off by a bunny and get to go out to a nice brunch with the family. It does not get much better than that.

I am going to rank the top five Easter basket gifts. This list is my opinion. Everyone is entitled to their own so just hear me out, before you run to the comments, because I have some hot takes in here. 

Saying all that, let’s finally get into the list. 

Coming in at number five is books. This may just be me, but every Easter basket I have had holds a book. Books are great, I love books. However, receiving a book does not scream Easter to me. 

Yet, if it is an Easter-themed book I will be okay with it and move on with the rest of my day. 

Next on my list at number four, Peeps. When I see Peeps, my eyes light up and my heart grows happy. They look cute and delicious. However, as soon as a Peep hits my mouth all my happiness goes away. But, saying all that they are still better than books. 

Always remember, Peeps are deceiving; never let your guard down around Peeps. 

Moving on to the top tiers of our list if you get an Easter basket you need these in it. 

Number three, Cadbury mini eggs.

They are tasty, crunchy, and creamy. It does not specifically have to be Cadbury eggs,  any chocolate eggs work; these are just my personal favorite. 

The reason they are third on my list is because they are a tad overrated. Nonetheless, these eggs deserve a spot on this list. 

Here we go everyone, down to our final two gifts. 

Coming in number two on my list, gift cards. 

I give gift cards the number two spot because it is the easiest gift to buy. You can never go wrong with a gift card. Everyone wants one, it’s free money. 

Gift cards do not get the number one spot because it is not a specific Easter gift. You can give a gift card to anyone at any time for any reason. But, they are great and get the number two spot. 

Drum roll please we are down to the final gift, the gift of all gifts. 

Coming in at number one, chocolate bunny. 

You can not have an Easter basket without a chocolate bunny. It is a necessity, it is the equivalent to needing a basketball to play a basketball game. It may seem boring but you need one in order for the basket to be an Easter basket. There are so many varieties, one for every person. You can get milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and crunchy. Anything you want that is why chocolate bunny deserves the number one ranking on this list. 

All in all, I hope you have enjoyed my opinions on the top five Easter basket gifts. I believe this is the best list to ever exist.