Anna Maria Senior Spring Break


During this year’s spring break, many seniors along with their families decided to go to Anna Maria Island in Florida.
Within the week period, many memories were made and some students have a lot to share.
“Over the break, I genuinely enjoyed just being able to see everyone in our grade and talk to some people that I usually don’t at school,” said senior Mikey Amendola.
There were plenty of opportunities to see other people since more than half the senior class and their families went to Anna Maria.
In addition to being with each other, there were plenty of activities to do in Anna Maria as well.
“One of my favorite things to do there was just going to the beach and tan, even though a lot of people ended up getting a sunburn,” said senior Morgan Kittle.
Throughout the week, the weather was very consistent. It was constantly 70-80 degrees and sunny.
“Personally, my favorite thing I did in Anna Maria was going on a fishing trip. It was four hours long and we caught a lot of fish,” said senior Julius Lelonis.
Fishing was also very common among the fathers of some families. In fact, Mr. Stauffer, father of senior Jack Stauffer, brought home dinner for his house by going to the pier.
Speaking of dinner, Mikey said, “The food at Anna Maria was really good. We would walk around and try a new place to eat every day. My favorite place was pizza social.”
Food was definitely a crucial part of the trip and walking around the island burned off a lot of what the senior class ate. When walking around, places like a henna tattoo shop were found.
“All my friends and I got henna tattoos. They usually last about two weeks and they look like real tattoos. I got flying birds along with my hand,” said Lelonis.
Henna tattoos were a definite highlight among everyone on the island. They were seen almost everywhere one went. Another highlight of the trip was being able to swim again.
“My house had a pool and we often went in the ocean. It was just nice to be in the water. We would ride the waves with boogie boards all the way back to shore,” said Kittle.
Many of the days on the beach were almost too hot so a lot of the time was spent in the water. Overall, the trip exceeded all expectations for our grade.
“Just being with the class of 2021 made this trip special,” said Amendola.