Blossom Time Vs. COVID-19, COVID-19 Has Won for Now, Blossom Time Postponed

Many people within the Chagrin community enjoy visiting the festival known as Blossom Time. Unfortunately, this year, the festival was postponed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The festival is normally held in the Chagrin Falls park, where the Jaycees, the hosts, put up many activities. Blossom Time would normally have been held during Memorial Day Weekend and it has only been canceled twice since it opened, with one of those times being last year. Hopefully, before the end of the year, COVID-19 will be better enough for the festival to not be canceled.

According to Meg Hambach of WKYC, The Blossom Time festival, one that many people can enjoy, was unfortunately postponed, most likely disappointing many people because of the thousands that normally show up there each year.

Blossom Time being cancelled would most likely have a negative impact on many people, especially kids. Even though some people may not care that Blossom Time was postponed, they might be sad if it were to be cancelled, which is still a possibility if they have to cancel it again because of COVID-19.

Luke Nelson, a Chagrin Falls High School freshman, stated, “If Blossom Time was cancelled, I would miss hanging out with my friends and having fun at the festival. It wouldn’t be a huge devastation if it was cancelled though, it would just be disappointing,”

Nelson would not be severely upset if Blossom Time were to be cancelled, however, he would be a little sad because he would be missing out on some fun activities with friends.

There are many reasons why people like Blossom Time. A lot of people really like the rides at Blossom Time, whether you wanna ride some fast roller coasters, fast spinning rides, or even just the ferris wheel. Some people may even like that they have the ability to walk or drive just a short distance to participate in all of those activities and rides. Also, maybe the fact that they can go straight from doing all the possible activities, to playing on the playground and swinging on the swings, or feeding the ducks in the river near the festival.

“My favorite thing to do at Blossom is to hang out with friends while riding the fun roller coasters and eating corn dogs,” said Nelson.

Nelson’s explanation further proves the point that the Blossom Time is a festival with many fun things to do and if it was canceled, at least some people would be a little sad or disappointed.

Cancelling Blossom Time was not a decision that the Jaycees wanted to make, however, COVID-19 forced them to last year. In fact, they truly enjoy organizing the festival for everyone to have fun and participate in any of the activities set up. That being said, they were also disappointed to have to postpone Blossom Time until later in the year, however, they feel like they need more time to prepare.

According to a Facebook post made by the official Jaycees Facebook account, “It pains us to announce that Blossom Time 2021 will not be taking place over the Memorial Day weekend this year.” They also stated in the post that “It goes without saying that this was a difficult decision, since Blossom Time is by far our favorite time of the year, but since the planning takes the better part of 7 months, we would hate to be ready to roll in May only for us not to be able to go ahead with it.”

The Jaycees did not want to have to postpone their favorite festival, but, unfortunately, they were forced to because of COVID-19. 

Since Blossom Time was cancelled last year, the Jaycees want to make the festival twice as good as it normally is, in order to make up for having to cancel it last year and postpone it this year.

According to the Facebook post made by the Jaycees, “we have to fit two-years’ worth of Blossom Time fun into one event so it is going to be big,”

Blossom Time will be postponed until later in the year, however, this year it should be better than ever.

COVID-19 still isn’t completely gone, even though the vaccine has been developed and released, which is why there are still some restrictions. The restrictions hope to keep as many people safe as possible until COVID-19 goes away completely. That means that if Blossom Time is ready and COVID-19 is still present, then there will still be restrictions causing Blossom Time to be different than normal. It would also cause the festival to not be able to put up certain activities, or they would at least be changed, which is what the Jaycees do not want to happen.

The Jaycees also stated in their Facebook post, “We are planning on having Blossom Time later in the year which will hopefully allow enough time for COVID restrictions to be lifted (date to be determined). It is going to look a little different, but we are doing our best to make sure it is going to be the best AFTER-COVID afterparty of the year.”

It is possible that Blossom Time will be a lot different than normal if COVID-19 is still around when Blossom Time is ready to start, which is what the Jaycees are hoping doesn’t happen. 

The news about Blossom time being postponed isn’t all that bad. People can either look at it as the fact that now they have to wait longer and adhere to the COVID-19 precautions, or they can turn to the positive side of the news. Even though the festival will be later in the year, it will be better than ever and should have even more activities than they normally do.

“I’m not super upset that Blossom was postponed, I’m mostly just glad that they’re still deciding to do it and that it’s supposedly going to be better than it normally is,” said Nelson.