2021 Senior Project


The month of May signifies not only the ending of the school year but the annual Senior Project that all seniors have the option to do.
Sadly, last year seniors were unable to do the Senior Project because of Covid marking the first time the project hasn’t happened in a very long time.
Andy Neimeier is 1 of the 120 plus seniors that are excited about this opportunity and can’t wait to get to work with his mentor.
“I am excited that we get the chance to participate,” said senior Andy Neimeier.
Neimeier plans to fully take advantage of the opportunity to have a Senior Project and is excited to be exposed to a real world situation of what he wants to major in or even pursue a career in.
Students can take part in shadowing a wide variety of professionals ranging from jobs surgeons to businessmen and even from veterinarians to psychologists.
“I plan to work with a professional from the business/marketing branch,” said Neimeier.
The project provides students with a huge opportunity to see someone who has made it in their desired profession work through daily problems.
Usually students are even able to go into surgical rooms or watch doctors work if that is the profession they want to pursue, however that may be changing with Covid.
“I am going to have to do all virtual meetings with my professional,” said senior Charlie McLaughlin
McLaughlin like many others around the school will be feeling the effect of Covid on their project and will be forced to stage all virtual meetings but still try and learn as much as possible.
This year’s project will no doubt be a challenge for all students who choose to participate but is just another obstacle we will have to overcome.
“It will be hard to create a connection with him but I will at least gain some experience,” said McLaughlin.
McLaughlin realizes the difficulty of the online meetings when it comes to the project but will take the challenge head on and try to gain the most out of it.
In the end all seniors should be happy there is even this opportunity being gifted and make the most of it.
“I just can’t wait for it to start,” said Neimeier.
The opportunity to have a 2021 Senior Project with any person of your choosing is an absolute blessing and should be met with an open mind.