Car of the Month

In the past, the car of the month has been given to a Genesis, as well as an Infiniti. Yet, this month, Chevy takes the cake with Thomas Gregoire’s blue 2017 Chevy Colorado being showcased. 

“It’s an awesome car, very efficient and has good gas mileage. It can also go off road and can carry a trailer,” Gregoire stated. 

Gregoire is not lying. With a towing capacity from 3,500 to 7,000 Ibs the chevy can carry some serious baggage. The Chevy holds a 2.5 L 4-cylinder, 2.8 L 4-cylinder diesel, 3.6 L V6. The car is not only built for performance, but looks the part as well. Senior Noah Girard described his thoughts on the vehicle.

“It is a true beauty. I love driving in the morning and seeing the wonderful blue color reflect on the rising sun. I make sure I park next to him whenever I can so I can bask in the glory of the Chevy Colorado,” Girard explained. 

However, Girard is not the only one that recognizes the beauty of the Chevy. Senior Matisse Despresalso has strong feelings towards the car.

“I’ve ridden in that car multiple times and it is one of the greatest experiences. The surround sound radio as well as the smell just creates an overall perfect vibe, no matter where I’m going,” elaborated Despres.

With love being showered over the vehicle, Gregoire loves every second. He describes the process of obtaining the vehicle.

“It was a hassle, my old car was a beat up volvo but worked great. However, it was time for an upgrade. My dad always had a really nice truck and my love for them started at a young age. So when my parents asked for my opinion I suggested a truck, luckily the Chevy Colorado was available,” Gregoire said.

With all the hype however, there is a downside. Despres explains his perspective on the size of the vehicle.

“The truck is awesome like I said. But, it is very large. Everything else looks small compared to it and it can be a problem. Parking can be difficult and going through a drive through is always a struggle,” Depres stated.

Yet, Girard has an opposing perspective on the size of the car.

“I’d say the size of the car is a plus. It provides good protection if we were ever in a wreck and I enjoy being above other cars. The pros definitely outweigh the cons,” explained Girard.

Overall, this car is fantastic in all aspects. Gregoire’s favorite part of the truck is it’s durability.

“The main reason I got the truck is because of its ratio of performance to durability. The car is 22 city/ 30 highway and with proper care, will last over 300,000 miles. This was an obvious decision since the car is overall efficient,” Gregoire stated. 

Even though the car is perfect now, Gregoire claims he would like to make some interior adjustments to spice things up.

“I plan on adding LED lights around the bottom of the interior as well as designing the steering wheel,” Gregoire said.