WandaVision Review

With the Marvel universe expanding after the success of “Avengers Endgame”, the tv show “WandaVision” was released on Disney Plus. The show entailed the Marvel characters Scarlet Witch and Vision living in a town called WestView. However, the show jumped timelines with each episode advancing an era. Senior Matisse Despres expressed his thoughts on the unique concept.

“I think it was a really cool idea. Not many franchises could pull it off because it is such a hard thing to do when trying to tell a story. But I think it was put together well and one of Marvel’s best tv shows,” elaborated Despres.

The show took many twists and turns as Scarlet Witch was revealed to be controlling all the people in Westview as well as the timelines.

“It was so weird to watch. There was a large dome over a whole town and everyone in it acted like a puppet. The worst part was that Vision was completely clueless of what was going on,” Despres said.

As the story went on, many new characters were introduced including Scarlet Witch’s brother Pietro, The nosy neighbor Agatha, and Scarlet Witch’s twin sons, Billy and Tommy. These characters each created a different plot hole. Pietro was declared dead in the Marvel universe, Agatha acted very oddly towards Wanda and Vision, and the twins were born and aged to 12 in a matter of weeks. Senior Thomas Gregoire explained his confusion when watching the show. 

“At first I was really confused with everything that was going on. But I realized that the show was doing this on purpose to build up a finale. To be honest it was extremely entertaining watching all the pieces come together,” Gregoire said.

At the end of the show we discover that Agatha the nosy neighbor is actually an ancient witch that practiced dark magic. She created a version of Pietro to fool the Scarlet Witch and created many problems to distract her from the truth. 

“Finding out it was Agatha all along was really surprising. She never really looked suspicious, just weird. Yet, it was super cool when I found out and saw her history,” explained Gregoire.

In the end the Scarlet Witch defeated Agatha and broke the barrier keeping everyone inside Westview. However, the biggest plot twist was that her family was created by her own subconscious. When the barrier was brought down, her family was erased as well. Senior John Baldwin expressed his thoughts on the ending.

“I thought the ending was sad but necessary in order to connect the tv show with the Marvel universe. Also, the ending really showed the Scarlet Witch’s true power and how she is the strongest avenger,” Baldwin stated.

The show was an overall success spending over 22 million per episode and becoming the most popular show in the world for a short time.

“The show was like watching a movie the whole time. The video quality was outstanding and the story kept me on the edge of my seat,” explained Baldwin.