The Importance of Clubs

Clubs play a very important role in Chagrin Falls high school and, and their importance may have grown during our current situation.

Clubs at Chagrin Falls Highschool can vary greatly in content, but generally they are groups that meet on specified days of the week for some sort of activity.

 In the past these groups would meet in the building, but now some are meeting through zoom and zoom alternatives.

 Anyone who wants to make a club has until April 1 to turn in the form.

CFHS freshman Sam Holtz is a member of the speech and debate team.

“Students should join clubs because they can meet so many new people and gain new friends,” said Holtz.

This is one commonly listed benefit of clubs.

These friendships require club members, though, so clubs have developed a few ways of gaining new members.

“The first time we had the club, we put flyers everywhere. People would start talking and then we would get people who may be interested in joining the club to learn more about it. It worked,” said CFHS English teacher and feminist club adviser Mr. Stuart.

 Students also reported different ways of getting into these clubs.

“I found out about Speech and Debate through my siblings as well as my English teacher in eighth grade,” said Holtz.

 Students who were in clubs in middle school were also likely to join the same clubs in high school.

Clubs all share the role of being great places to connect with like-minded students, something that is very important right now.

“If there’s people in this school district that want to make a ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ club. they should be able to do it because there are kids that don’t know there are other kids that want to do dungeons and dragons,” said  Mr. Stuart.

Clubs are uniquely suited for this because all people have some sort of common interest.

Despite this, clubs have dealt with many downsides because of covid-19.

“We would have guest speakers. It was easier to create things for our charity drives because we could create things together,” said Mr. Stuart.

Many meetings have also been moved online to deal with the various challenges clubs have had this school year.

Even with these limitations, clubs can still accomplish many things like helping students learn.

 “Clubs are a very good method  to reinforce some skills like debating. I do speech, which has been very good at improving my speaking and making me a more confident speaker in general,” said CFHS Freshman James Wilkonson

 Along with specific skills, the talking inherent to clubs can help make students more confident.

While there are many clubs in Chagrin Falls, some say there should be more.

“I wish we had a smorgasbord of different clubs,  from more physical clubs, to more nerdy clubs, to academic clubs, or social issue clubs. I want it all,” said Mr. Stuart.

The reasoning for this is how more interests can be represented, leading to more students joining the clubs that more align with their interests.

Regardless of what happens to clubs, their importance to the students in this school is clear.

“There should be a menu of clubs for kids because especially if we’re concerned about mental health issues amidst covid. In my experience when you feel alone, disconnected, and worthless that is when it becomes horrific in your mind and that’s when mental illness creeps in. Clubs provide you with connection and purpose and value, when you’re in that ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ club, or the chess club, or the feminist club then you have a connection and see that you’re bringing something of value,” said Mr. Stuart.