Where is Chagrin going for spring break?

Where is Chagrin going for spring break?

With almost a year of COVID-19, Chagrin students and families remain split on traveling for spring break during a pandemic. 

As we approach spring break in the last week of March, these unique circumstances offer families an opportunity to get creative with their modes of travel. 

CFHS junior, Madeline Pulte is traveling to St. Croix along with her family. 

“My family is staying safe by traveling to an island that has very strict COVID protocols, such as mandatory testing before entering, as well as quarantine before we travel in order to protect the people who live on the island as well,” she stated. 

In regards to flying, she explained that they “purchased KN95 masks to fly with and have planned to not walk around the airport and touch things. When we return we plan to get tested to make sure people at chagrin are safe too,” she concluded. 

Many other families have decided to quarantine before and after their vacation as well.  

In addition to quarantining, a majority of parents and grandparents have already received the vaccine: providing another precaution for traveling families.

Abigail Laws, junior at CFHS, is going to Kiawah Island, South Carolina to visit her grandma. She said her “family is also not going to see friends or others outside of school the week before.”

Her grandmother and mother “received both vaccine doses a few weeks ago,” she stated.  

As more and more people begin to get the vaccine, Chagrin families feel more secure in their travels.  

CFHS junior Ellie Moran, who plans to travel to Costa Rica with her family, is also taking precautions prior to leaving.

“My family has been conscious these past two weeks leading up to break and we must have negative tests in order to return back to the US,”she said. 

Though some families plan to leave the country by plane, others have chosen to remain in the US and travel by other, safer means. 

Emma Murphy, junior at CFHS, is going to Hilton Head. 

“We are driving all the way there and renting a house so we’re not around other people,” she said. Many others have approached travel this same way, by avoiding planes overall. 

CFHS sophomore Mary Catherine Cain and her family are avoiding air travel by driving to Florida. “Both my parents are fully vaccinated. We have a house there, so we don’t have to stay in a hotel or go to public beaches,” she stated.

Another precaution when traveling is to avoid contact with strangers, inducing hotels.  A majority of families aim to stay with relatives or rent out housing for the week.

CFHS junior Kristen Boral, whose family plans to travel to Anna Maria, Florida, is taking these same measures.  She said they are “staying at an Airbnb instead of a hotel,” to avoid contact and stay safe on vacation.  

Families across Chagrin Falls are making efforts to stay safe in traveling during the pandemic.  Quarantine, testing and vaccines makes this rather safe traveling available.  Does this mean almost the year of the pandemic is coming to a close?