Chagrin Girls Diving Dominates at States


Photo of Sam Holtz taken by Ella Spremulli

The Chagrin Falls Girls’ Diving Team had a very successful season as they sent senior Kate LaMonica and freshman Sam Holtz to states.

Their triumph did not stop there as LaMonica and Holtz placed second and third respectively in the state of Ohio. Kate LaMonica finished with a score of 445.35 and Holtz followed close behind placing third only trailing Kate by 1.05. 

“I think that the factors that most lead to our success this year was keeping the team atmosphere even with Covid. Another factor was definitely the great instruction from Coach Rob. He helped me so much through this season and overall improved my diving experience,” said Holtz. 

Although this season wasn’t the most normal compared to other years, the Tigers were able to keep sharp focus the entire year and really focus on their craft. Coach Rob Sherman played a large role in this success, leading the diving team and assisting the divers to perform to their full potential. 

Sam and Kate contribute a large part of their success to their coach, however the high praise goes both ways.

“With Kate and Sam going back and forth all season, their competitiveness could have engendered a tone of rivalry but we had none of that. They were supremely supportive of each other and are genuine friends and teammates year round,” said coach Rob Sherman. 

Having great competition between teammates can sometimes lead to tension within the team. Though, Kate and Sam had a complete opposite result. Having two exceptional divers on the team allowed them to push each other and progress their skills. Having each other on the team added a sort of healthy competition that added to their success in the long run. 

Lastly, Kate ended her career on a high note, steadily increasing throughout her high school career. 

“I’m so grateful that I was able to end my career on a high note because I know that all of my dedication and effort was worth it. I did my best and I can’t wait for four more years in college,” said LaMonica. 

Kate finished her high school career performing at her greatest. She marked steady improvement over the years as she finished tenth in the state her sophomore year, 5th her junior year, and finally third her senior year. Kate looks to continue her improvement while diving for the University of Minnesota next year.  

In the end, Sam Holtz and Kate LaMonica headlined a terrific diving season and hope to see more victories in the future. 

“Overall the dive team this year inspired me for the next three years of my high school career,” said Holtz.