NHL is back!


The NHL season has officially started this past January featuring some big changes and is continuing as planned.
The NHL has made one of the biggest changes in the history of the league this year by making new divisions for covid rules.
“It is weird, but I like the changeup,” said senior hockey player John Ranieri.
Ranieri is excited about the new divisions that have been made called Central, East, West, and North because he feels they bring a new side to pro hockey competition he has never seen.
Furthermore, Ranieri is really excited about how they have made a division just for all the Canadian teams.
“It will bring far more rivalry games because they will play the same team so much,” said Ranieri.
With covid still looming large in our world it would be very hard for teams from other countries to travel in and out, so the NHL solved that by making the divisions have teams very close to each other so minimal travel is needed.
Another interesting factor is that the teams are only allowed to play other teams from their division until the playoffs.
“I don’t like how I won’t be able to watch a variety of teams,” said senior captain, Chase Lowry.
Lowry as a Blue Jackets fan will only be able to watch the same 8 or so teams until the playoffs which may get boring after some time.
Teams are playing in the same manner as the MLB does, by traveling to different cities and playing in series once again to limit the travel.
“Good planning to keep the season going,” said Lowry.
However, even with this good outlook at the beginning of the year, there is still the constant worry of being shut down.
There is still extreme caution being taken by the NHL to quarantine players or even full teams if a virus flare-up happens.
“Good to see there is still caution,” said Ranieri.
This quarantine rule has already given nightmares to the Devils and Sabres along with many players around the league.
This season is not looking the way everyone wants it to but is starting with almost no hiccups and is looking like it will go all season. It is sad no fans can be in attendance but the NHL is being smart with the whole process and are doing everything they can to give the people and the players a season.