Car of the Month

With the previous CFHS car of the month being held by Tyler McLain’s 2010 Infiniti Q50, there is not much competition. However, senior Jacob Maher showcases his Genesis Coupe 2.0 Turbo on a daily basis.

“I love driving my car everyday. It gives me a rush of adrenaline every morning and sets the day off right,” established Maher.

When asked why this car is so special, Maher went into depth about the processes of the vehicle. 

“My car is manual transmission and has many modifications including a carbon fiber hood, modified tail lights, and carbon fiber mirrors. I did most of it with the help of my dad. All the parts cost under $500 total,” stated Maher. 

The reason for these modifications is due to the fact that the car just reached Maher’s hands, previously owning a Chevy with over a 100,000 miles called “Becky”.

“I am very proud of my new car because I bought it with my own money. However, I will always miss Becky because she got me everywhere, she even had enough miles to travel the world eight times,” Maher said.

With the flashiness of the vehicle, many juniors and seniors in the parking lot stop and stare. 

One of them is senior Matisse Despres who explained his experience with the Genesis.

“Every morning I hear the car roll in because the engine is so loud. Overall, the car looks super sporty and is something I wouldn’t expect a highschooler to have,” Despres explained.

The loud engine is not a bluff, with a 223 pound-feet torque, low-pressure turbo engine, and 800 horsepower at the wheels, the car reaches speeds of 143 mph. But, seeing the car is one thing, riding in it is another. 

Senior John Baldwin spoke on his experience while taking a spin.

“It was crazy, the car not only talks the talk but walks the walk. I felt like I was on a rollercoaster the whole time. And the interior was super cool. There was a bluetooth radio and it had four seats, which is not common with a coupe. Definitely an experience I will remember,” Baldwin stated.

Yet, the car has one flaw, the overall roar of the vehicle.

“The car sounds like an explosion everytime it accelerates. I love the appearance but hearing it early in the morning is a struggle sometimes. However, the car wouldn’t be complete without the loud sounds it makes,” Despres stated. 

With all the opinions of the car, the one that truly matters is the drivers.

“I love almost every part of my car. The interior and exterior fit perfectly with the sound and the modifications I made make the car a perfect fit for me. Plus the ability to drive manually is something I have always known how to do and loved every second of it. The one downside is that there is no screen or GPS system. I have to navigate with my phone and it can sometimes be difficult while driving manually,” Maher said.