NBA update

NBA update

The 2020-2021 NBA season officially started on December 22, the season kicked off with the reigning champions the Los Angeles Lakers playing against the Los Angeles Clippers. 

Last year, teams were in a quarantined “bubble” all games were played at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. No one was allowed in without a two-week quarantine and covid-19 tests were constant. This season teams are allowed to play in their respective stadiums. 

Senior Jack Stauffer talked about how stadiums with fans may hold an unfair advantage to those who do not. 

“Teams that are allowed to have fans in stadiums have an unfair advantage. Because they get a better overall atmosphere,” Stauffer said. 

Junior Noah Elconin discussed how he has enjoyed watching the NBA so far because he loves watching athletes perform at such a high level of competition. 

“I have loved watching the NBA because it’s entertaining to watch athletes perform at such a high level of competition,” Elconin said. 

As of February second, the Philadelphia 76ers have the best record in the east with a respectable 15-6 record. The Los Angeles Clippers have the best record in the west and the whole NBA being 16-5. The Jazz and Lakers are just one game behind first place. Junior Max Crandall believes the Los Angeles Lakers will win the Western conference division when it is all said and done because of their bench depth.

“I think the Lakers will win the Western conference division because they have great all-around players and a lot of depth on their bench. They also have Lebron James and Anthony Davis the best duo in the league,” Crandall said. 

The Lakers are the reigning NBA champions, so it is not a bold statement to think they will win their conference.

The team with the worst record in the NBA as of now is the Detroit Pistons with a record of 5-15. Crandall discussed how he can not stand to watch the Pistons because there are no specific standout players on the team. 

“My least favorite team to watch is the Pistons because they have the worst record in the NBA, and I do not enjoy watching them or any specific players on the Pistons,” Crandall said. 

It is hard to watch a team that has only won 5 games. There are not a lot of redeeming qualities.

The top four Mvp candidates are Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Luca Doncic, and Steph Curry. Elconin discussed how he thinks Kevin Durant will win the Mvp because he is averaging 30+ points per game.

“Kevin Durant, He’s having an amazing season so far where he is averaging 30+ points,” Elconin said. 

What makes this even more spectacular is that Kevin Durant is coming off two Achilles injuries, he has not played since the 2019 finals.

Stauffer discusses why he thinks Lebron James will win Mvp because of his great start. 

“I think Lebron will win the Mvp this year because he is off to a great start. His team is in second place in the whole NBA and he is putting up unbelievable numbers for someone in their 18th season,” Stauffer said. 

Lebron is a once in a generation talent. It seems Lebron is always in the Mvp race conversation. 

Lastly, Elconin discussed if the Nets are able to step up their defense then they are his pick to win the NBA championship. 

“If the Nets can improve their defense before the playoffs, I don’t see anyone stopping them from winning the championship,” Elconin said.