Movies to Watch on Valentines


Saint Valentine’s day, one of the most romantic days of the year, is a day every couple needs to celebrate their relationship.
While chocolates and teddy bears are nice, but quality time spent with a partner is sometimes the best gift.
“I like to spend the day relaxing with my girlfriend and a movie night is a must,” stated senior Justin Lewinski.
Nobody wants to watch a mediocre movie on this special occasion, so what are some good choices to browse?
First up on the list: “Maid in Manhattan”. A classic romantic comedy, with lots of drama, which first aired in 2002. This movie follows a single mother raised in New York City, that works as a maid in a Manhattan hotel.
“She meets a handsome political candidate who believes she is staying as a guest at the hotel,” stated romance expert senior Marley Graham. “Fate leads them into a magical romance.”
This single mother is played by Jennifer Lopez, and although the movie scored a tough 38% on Rotten Tomatoes, 91% of Google users enjoyed the film.
This movie is a perfect fit for a night with your significant other. A feel good movie with a happy ending.
“This movie never fails to make me happy, and Rufus the dog always cheers me up,” explained Graham.
A classic choice on Valentine’s Day, but certainly not the only option.
Following “Maid in Manhattan”, “You’ve Got Mail” is another great choice for a movie. With two popular stars, Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks, this is a must watch.
“Real-life rivals meet online and begin a fierce internet romance, oblivious of each other’s true identity,” stated CFHS alumni Julia Crandall. “Eventually the male learns of the woman’s true identity and he struggles with the feelings he has developed.”
A typical rival turned lover’s story, this movie embodies the power of love in the real world.
Another movie almost everybody has heard of is the classic “Notebook”. A movie known for its heart wrenching tale. A Romeo and Juliet type of story, a mill worker and a rich girl are in love but the girl’s parents don’t approve of their relationship.
“When the mill worker goes off to serve in the war it seems as though they’re love has ceased. It’s not until Noah comes back and Allie is about to get married that it is clear they still have an intense romance,” explained Lewinski.
This movie came out in 2004 and received a 7/10 on IMDb and 92% of Google users enjoyed this romantic rollercoaster.
Last on the list is “Failure to Launch”. A 35 year old Tripp lives at home and has no plans to leave the comfortable life he has.
“However, his parents have had enough and devise a plan to get him out of the house,” stated Graham. “They hire an interventionist, Paula, who will use her tricks to entice him to get his own place.”
This rom-com has not received the best views, but still is an enjoyable experience on Valentines Day according to the many viewers.
Any of these four movies could provide a few well spent hours on this special holiday.
“I have always found that Valentine’s Day is best spent finishing the day with a movie,” stated Crandall.