Best Valentine’s Day Gifts 2021

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts 2021

Valentine’s Day can either be a great holiday or a not-so-great holiday depending on one’s relationship status; however, one thing always remains true: everyone loves receiving gifts. 

With Valentine’s Day approaching quickly, it might be a scramble to get a significant other a gift in time, “The Tiger Times” staff has it covered with the best Valentine’s Day gifts to buy this year. 

“When getting someone a small Valentine’s Day gift I feel like getting them something food related is always a valid choice. Who doesn’t love getting food as a gift,” said senior Tyler McLain. 

Food is always a solid choice when shopping for a gift, especially something like candy or chocolate is a staple of Valentine’s Day, but sometimes one must think outside the box. Therefore, this year a perfect gift for a significant other is “candy” Kraft macaroni & cheese. Kraft is releasing a twist on their traditional classic mac and cheese by creating “candy” mac and cheese. This beloved noodle is bright pink and is said to have a sweeter taste, making it perfect for a Valentine’s Day dinner. 

The “candy” macaroni and cheese is actually free. However, the only way to get a box is to enter sweepstakes on Kraft’s website and only 1,000 lucky winners will receive a box. Therefore, if one manages to get their hands on this strange concoction, it will make their Valentine’s Day even more meaningful. 

“I always feel like some sort of clothing is a fair gift to get someone. It’s a nice gift that’s not too expensive but it can also be meaningful,” said senior Elle Moore.

Clothing is a go to gift for any occasion, so it also works for Valentine’s Day. As a result, we must look toward the most overlooked piece of clothing that exists, socks. Socks are very unrated and are very useful, who doesn’t love some cozy socks. Although, socks are a little boring so it’s nice to spice it up a little bit. Therefore, a quality Valentine’s gift choice is getting significant other personalized socks with your face on them. 

Who doesn’t love wearing images of their lover’s face on their feet, it’s an unbeatable gift. These personalized socks can be found on for a mere $15.95. If your significant other is a lover of the little things in life, such as socks, this is a perfect gift for them. 

“To me a Valentine’s Day gift should create a nice experience. I think it’s important for the gift to create a fun, memorable night,” said senior Ellie Foley. 

Valentine’s Day gifts are often used to create a memorable moment for a couple. So, why not find a gift that could be used by the couple to create various meaningful moments. To perfectly set the mood, purchasing Snoop Dogg’s “From Crook to Cook” cookbook is a perfect gift for the couple to enjoy together. Who doesn’t want to create easy, mouth-watering recipes from the formerly known Snoop Lion. 

This cookbook can allow the couple to enjoy creating a dish together, while also incorporating the brilliant recipes of Snoop Dogg. The cookbook can be bought on Amazon for a steal of $22.46. This cookbook can generate an iconic Valentine’s Day with Snoop Dogg basically cooking in your kitchen next to you. 

No matter how or who you celebrate Valentine’s Day with, any gift that is thoughtful and meaningful will create a special night for anyone. 

“Valentine’s Day is about thinking of others and letting them know you care about them. So, gifts are a great way of letting them know,” said Foley.