Superintendent Dr. Robert Hunt accepts position in Chicago

Superintendent Dr. Robert Hunt accepts position in Chicago

On Wednesday January 13, superintendent Dr. Robert Hunt announced he will be leaving to Barrington 220, a school district outside of Chicago. 

Compared to the 1,900 students in Chagrin, Barrington 220 houses 9,100 students, providing Dr. Hunt with a new challenge. 

When asked what he was most excited for, Dr. Hunt said, “After being here for 17 years, having a new challenge, more staff, more resources which allows me to focus more on leadership items and connecting with the community.”

Dr. Hunt’s passion for leadership, as well as his family, grew during the time he was superintendent. CFHS English teacher and wife to Dr. Hunt, Dr. Shannon Beach was delighted at the news of Dr. Hunt’s new job. 

“My first initial emotion was immense pride. I am just extremely proud of him and how much his hard work is paying off,” Dr. Beach stated. 

This excitement and pride was even passed onto the students. Senior Adelaide Doman, member of the superintendents committee and student of Dr. Beach was saddened to hear about Dr. Hunt leaving but excited for his opportunities ahead. 

“Although I am sad to see Dr. Hunt and possibly Dr. Beach leave, the opportunity that Dr. Hunt has to impact other communities like he did for us is amazing,” Doman said. 

Dr. Hunt has faced many challenges throughout his career, especially this past year with the pandemic. However, the biggest challenge he faced was one within his family, when his son was diagnosed with cancer. 

“This year has been a challenge but, nothing compared to the one within my own family. However, as my family struggled, the community rallied behind us, something I will never forget,” Dr. Hunt said. 

Dr. Hunt’s challenges also came with a slew of successes, like the new Intermediate School building. 

“The Intermediate School was by far one of my biggest accomplishments here at Chagrin. The years of planning paid off and the students are safer and better equipped to learn there,” Hunt said. 

The Intermediate School underwent massive changes. Dr. Hunt’s project opened up new opportunities for the students and the community. 

Doman was awed by the effect the renovations had on the community. 

“Dr. Hunt’s project totally changed our community, and although I am at the high school level, it was awesome to see how it impacted the community,” Doman said. 

The restoration of the Intermediate School building was one of Dr. Hunt’s fondest memories, while Dr. Beach reflected on time spent with her students. 

“Building The Write Place is definitely my favorite memory, seeing how it has grown into this year is amazing,” Dr. Beach stated. 

Dr. Beach has worked at CFHS for more than 20 years, and like Dr. Hunt is grateful for the love and support received from the community. 

“All I can really say is thank you. That might sound standard, but the support this community had given to both me and my family, and the strength to take this opportunity. Chagrin has taught me so much, about myself and this job, I am just so grateful,” Dr. Hunt said.