NBA Holiday Start Preview


Mike Ehrmann

As we approach the holiday season, NBA looks to tip-off its seventy-fifth season on December 22. Due to Covid complications, this year’s season also has been scheduled to start two months later than the usual October 22 start.
After a full playoff season in the NBA Bubble, NBA commissioner Adam Silver looks to start-up the traditional NBA season where teams travel to each other’s stadiums to compete. To minimize travel and Covid risks, the league looks to utilize more of a “series” schedule layout where teams play the same team consecutively in a series of four games.
“I am excited to see how this new format will work… it seems like it will feel like playoffs throughout the regular season because of the series,” said Senior and NBA fan Charlie McLaughlin.
Each series will also include two consecutive home games and two consecutive away games where most teams will play an average of four series within the first half of the season.
This newly formatted season will also feature a NBA of Christmas day primetime games. Earlier in the day at noon, the Miami Heat will host the New Orleans Pelicans. At 2:30 pm the Bucks will host the Warriors while at 5, the Celtics will host the Nets.
“I am excited to see all the elite teams compete against each other in more normal circumstances. No more bubble, and the teams will be at their stadiums,” said McLauglin.
The later night games will include the reigning NBA champion Lakers facing off against the Mavericks at 8, and the Nuggets hosting the Clippers at 10:30 p.m.
It will be exciting to see the Lebron James and the Lakers defend their championship as more competition within the league has risen up.
“I really don’t think the Lakers will be able to defend their title. Dangerous competition from both the East and the West might be too much to handle,” said Junior Brett Vaccaro.
The newly acquired Russell Westbrook will give the Washington Wizards an upperhand this year as he looks to team up with Bradley Beal to compete.
As a result, the traded John Wall looks to do some damage in Houston with James Harden. Kevin Durant, recovered from injury, will also turn heads as he and Kyrie Irving will team up in Brooklyn.
“I think the NBA season this year will be very exciting. At this point I don’t see any particular favorite as to who will win the title,” said Senior and Cavaliers fan Zach Lechman.
All of this competition will be a plate-full for James and the Lakers as they look to win back to back NBA titles. The last time a team won back to back titles was the Golden State Warriors in 2017 and 2018.
This year’s holiday start also will also mark the NBA’s seventy-fifth season. With exciting rookies and new-look teams, this “more normal” version of the season will captivate the attention of millions across the country.
“I’m most excited to see rookies like Lamelo Ball. I know there’s a lot of hype surrounding him so hopefully he doesn’t break under pressure,” said Vaccaro.
As this year’s season will not take place in the NBA bubble, it will be exciting to see fans gradually fill up in the stands in their home team’s arena. Many are excited to see rookies such as Lamelo Ball and Anthony Edwards while others hope to see rising stars such as Zion WIlliamson and Ja Morant take their places.
As preseason games begin on December 11, the regular seasons games will start over most people’s holiday break on the 22.
“I think that it is very smart for the NBA to start right before Christmas as most people will be at home sitting on their couches,” said Lechman.
As most Americans will be at home during the NBA start, it is perfect for families to sit back and watch full days worth of NBA basketball.