Saint Nick: Real or Fraud?

One of the most disputed topics of Christmas is the existence of Santa Claus. 

Some children believe Saint Nick is their parents, while others have faith that the man in the red coat and hat is real. 

Today I’ll be asking students whether they believe in Santa or if they have no Christmas spirit whatsoever.

I asked 3 CFHS seniors, Ryan Brackett, Michael Tropf, and Sullivan Stuart, for their thoughts on the mystery of Santa Claus.

“Of course he’s real. Do you really think that every single parent on the planet tells the same lie to their child? The amount of communication it would take to pull that off would be astounding. And do you really think that your parents would eat the cookies left out for him? That’s impossible,” Brackett started explaining to me. “Anyone with a brain and the ability to think for themselves knows the truth. The lie that the jolly old elf isn’t real is what the Feds wants you to think. Wake up, sheeple.”

Brackett is the definition of the Christmas spirit, and all he does is spread holiday cheer. 

His thoughts on Santa’s existence is not very surprising considering his nature.

After interviewing Mr. Brackett, I had to interview another living embodiment of the Christmas spirit. 

The first person that came to mind was Tropf.

Santa is real. There’s no argument against it. Who do you think puts the presents under the tree and eats the cookies? Parents don’t have magic reindeer that fly across the sky. It must be the big man himself,” Tropf explained to me.

Another believer in the beloved Kris Kringle, and an astounding supporter as well. 

Tropf has complete faith that Santa is real.

My final interviewee is a Christmas fanatic for all the wrong reasons. 

Stuart believes Christmas is all about the gifts, and so his view on Santa is a little bit skewed.

“He’s real. 

I’m poor so there’s no way my family can afford all those gifts,” Stuart stated as if it seemed obvious.

I can’t say I was surprised at his response, but I can say that his wording of it was unexpected. He truly has no filter.

It has now been decided with the power of democracy that Santa Claus is in fact a real being.

As long as you believe in him too, you’ll get everything you want for Christmas.