Holiday Shopping During a Pandemic

By Aly Kaplansky, Staff Writer 

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Holiday shopping may look very different this year due to the current community spread of COVID-19.  

Many shoppers that typically shop in-store are opting to shop online this holiday season.  

CFHS junior and holiday shopper Charlie Goodin tends to shop in stores for the holidays.  

“I like to see what I am buying in person before I buy it and I normally go to the mall,” said Goodin.  

Logically, Goodin would rather shop in stores to make sure he knows what he is purchasing.

However, this year Goodin does not feel comfortable doing so, and he plans on shopping online this year.  

“I feel safer shopping from home this year,” said Goodin.  

Without being in a crowded mall or store, Goodin feels confident that he will take part in controlling the spread.  

Most shoppers that shop online anyways continue to plan on doing so.  

CFHS junior, Smitty McKee, shops online for the holidays.  

“I do my holiday shopping online typically,” said McKee.  

Many shoppers find it much easier to shop for their loved ones from the comfort of their own homes.  

Due to the virus, McKee feels that it is definitely unsafe to shop in stores this year.  

“This year, I definitely plan on shopping online because COVID-19,” said McKee.  

Along with many others, McKee is choosing to stick with online shopping this year instead of taking the risk of shopping in stores.  

There are some adjustments that need to be made this year for those shopping online.  

For example, McKee decided to start his holiday shopping early this year.  

“I plan on starting my shopping earlier this year to allow for shipping time, as it takes longer for gifts to arrive right now,” said McKee.  

A head start on shopping would not be a bad idea this year considering shipping times are extended on many websites.  

McKee is not the only shopper that is concerned about prolonged shipping times.  

Madeline Bleiweiss, a typical online shopper plans to shop in person this year.  

“I plan on shopping in stores this year because shipping takes longer due to COVID.  Last-minute online gifts are slow right now due to COVID supply chain,” said Bleiweiss.  

Bleiweiss thinks it will be quicker to shop in stores this year; however, maybe not the safest idea.  

Although shipping may be prolonged, Bleiweiss still thinks shopping in stores is not the safest option.  

“I 100% believe that it is safer to stay home and shop online this year,” said Bleiweiss.