Holiday Activities


Gingerbread house by Luke Cornell

During difficult times a few Chagrin Falls Highschool students reflect on the best activities to do during the holiday season.
These activities are best to be done with friends and family. Junior Ryan Castelluccio Weighs in on his favorite Christmas activity, the secret Santa exchange.
”Secret Santa exchange is a gift exchange where you randomly draw names of people and the name that you draw is the person you have to get a gift for,” said Castelluccio.
He does this gift exchange every year during the holiday season for the past 17 years.
Secret Santa exchanges can include as many people as needed. For Castelluccio, he includes 15 people in his secret Santa exchange.
”Our exchange is strictly the only family on my mom’s side. It is a family tradition,” said Castelluccio.
There are also other limits that can be included on secret Santa exchanges such as money limits. For Castelluccio’s family, they set a money limit to make sure that the kids can participate in the gift exchange as well.
”We have a $50 money limit for each gift. You would be surprised at the types of gift you can get with $50,” said Castelluccio.
This year Castelluccio’s family is doing a social distanced gift exchange and making the best of the circumstances.
Another Chagrin Falls student making the best of the circumstances is senior Morgan Kittle.
”Buying and decorating a tree is my most enjoyable Christmas activity mostly because it is a family tradition and I usually get to pick which tree we get,” said Kittle.
Her family’s tradition began a long time ago when her dad was young. Although getting and putting up a tree is Kittle’s favorite Christmas activity, her favorite part of the holiday differs.
”My favorite part about the holidays is spending time with my family,” said Kittle.
During times like these, it’s important to keep your loved ones close.
Sophomore Luke Cornell is another person who keeps their loved ones close. Cornell makes a gingerbread house come Christmas time every year.
”I enjoy the creativity of gingerbread house making, but I might enjoy eating the frosting more,” said Cornell.
Who doesn’t love frosting though? An understandable answer by Cornell. Maybe being a little less serious is something we need during this time.
At the end of the interview, I asked Cornell if he had anything to say. He said, “I hope everyone has a great Christmas.”