All Wrapped Up


Once again, it’s the holiday season, that time of year when people begin to rush around looking for the perfect gifts for friends and family.

Some people prefer to shop online from the comfort of home, yet others choose to go to the stores in person to get a real feel of the items.

“I do like holiday shopping, although it can be stressful trying to find the perfect present,” stated senior Mary Margaret Demangone.

Demangone explained how finding the perfect gift will add a memorable meaning to the receiver. 

Although gift giving may be difficult, there are always preferred presents.

“I think a typical go-to gift would be a gift card, blanket, candle, candy, or food the person likes,” stated senior Marnie Chapic.

Chapic gravitates towards basic, yet simplistic gift ideas; these presents are timeless for anyone.

In contrast, some of Chapic’s favorite presents she has received would fall under the most unique and noteworthy.

“My friend took a box and decorated it with funny pictures of us, and inside she included little joke gifts. Also, I’ve also received blobfish slippers from someone else,” said Chapic.

Chapic reflects on the best gifts she has ever received.

For the gift-giving season, many individuals try to plan ahead like senior Morgan Kittle.

I try to buy all gifts from Black Friday, because usually there are some types of deals, not always good ones though. I save some money at least,” said Kittle.

Kittle takes advantage of Black Friday and promo codes to score great deals on gifts for friends and family.

While some approach the gift giving season with a practical plan, others go the creative route.

“I’m not sure what my best gift has been, but I like when I give someone a gift that represents a memory or moment we’ve shared,” said Chapic.

Chapic believes those are the gifts that she most likes to give because they are the most thoughtful.

People tend not to splurge on more pricey items for themselves.

My go-to gifts for people are always skincare sets or skincare products. They are both useful, beneficial, and can feel like a luxurious gift,” said Kittle.

As an avid skincare lover, Kittle finds it exciting to pick out products for different people, and knowing the vast price ranges, there is a wide variety of products to choose from.

Although there are many gift choices, the most important gift for many is the quality time they have with their families.

“I look forward to seeing my family and doing fun holiday activities with them; it gives me a warm and comfortable feeling,” said Chapic.