The current soaring rates of new Covid-19 cases in the US will leave many impacts on the local area.

Covid-19 cases reached unprecedented heights in the state in mid November.

This can have massive effects on people living around Chagrin Falls, and it could mess up many upcoming plans for the holidays.

 According to the CDC, 53,043 new cases have been confirmed in Ohio in the past week.

These extreme numbers of new cases have continued, leading to Thanksgiving and christmas with families from around the US becoming a bigger safety concern.

Schools in Ohio may need to take time off.

Superintendent Dr. Hunt wrote In an email for CFVS parents that, if too many staff members or students get Covid-19, the school will enter remote learning from December 14-22.

Whether or not the school will move towards remote learning will be decided on December 9.

Additionally, Governor Mike DeWine has implemented a curfew since November 19 that will remain in place for the next 21 days after that.

 It Is focused on limiting places like restaurants where people are constantly around each other, much of the time without masks.

With Covid-19 spreading more frequently, there is more of a pressure to use common courtesy.

“We gotta get back to basics. Wearing a mask, maintaining at least 6 feet of distance, washing our hands frequently, and not having parties and getting togethers in your house,” said Governor Mike DeWine during a speech made on November 11.

These actions aren’t new to the community, but it may be smart to follow these rules more diligently.

It would be amiss to not mention the effects of Covid on people mentally.

According to the Ohio department of health, Ohio has 330,020 confirmed cases of Covid-19.

Comparing this to the total population of Ohio (around 11.7 million) leads to the conclusion that roughly 1 in 35 people in Ohio have been confirmed to have Covid-19.

People can be emotionally harmed in the community as many have to deal with the knowledge of having the disease  and many others have people they know well with it.

The physical effects of Covid-19 can also impact society more as more people get it.

These effects are still being studied, but some long-term effects the CDC found patients momonly reporting are fatigue, shortness of breath, and coughing.

 Long-term shortness of breath or fatigue could hurt someone’s well being as many things like sports may become more difficult for them.

Limiting a resurgence is critical for our community and those we care for.

“ if you don’t know any of its victims yet, sadly, I suspect you will,” stated Mike DeWine.