December Car of The Month: Tyler Mclain’s Infiniti Q50


After long deliberation, December’s “Car of the Month,” the second of this year, will be given to senior Tyler McLain for his pristine 2010 Infiniti Q50.

“It feels great to have my car get the recognition it deserves,” McLain expressed.  “This car has been through a lot and I’m glad other people are able to see that now.”

McLain’s Infiniti, finished in silver and showing over 100,000 miles on the odometer, has been with him since 2018.  It was the first car he received after getting his license and has stayed with him since.

“This car was with me from the start,” McLain told.  “Anywhere I have gone, my car has taken me, and, for the most part, gotten me there reliably.”

Although reliable, Mclain’s Infiniti has had its fair share of memorable malfunctions.  One of these malfunctions, a faulty front bumper, was the result of a slow speed crash at a McDonalds drive through.

“Even though it was really awkward to see him walk up and talk to the car that he bumped into, the Star Wars music that was playing in the background made the whole situation really funny,” recounted passenger Jack Stauffer.  “Even if it has had some issues, his car is always one of my favorites to ride in.”

Reliability aside, McLain’s car puts up some impressive numbers for a four door sedan.  Boasting a V-6 engine that produces 328 horsepower and 269 pound-feet of torque, in its era it led the midsize sedan class in performance.  Even today these numbers stack up well against the competition.

“Even though his car is a little older, it can easily keep up with my civic,” noted senior Julius Lelonis.  “I always underestimate just how fast it really is.”

But speed is only one aspect of the driving experience, the luxurious features take the car a level higher.  Sporting a leather interior, satellite navigation, as well as heated and cooled seats, the inside of McLain’s car is the place to be.

“Tyler’s car is easily my favorite to ride in out of all of my friends,” Stauffer explained. “Riding shotgun is like sitting in a La-Z-Boy, you just sink right in.”

The interior quality is undoubtedly the highpoint of the car, both to McLain and his peers.  However, the exterior is nothing short of exceptional as well.

“The car looks a bit bubbly, but in a good way,” described Lelonis.  “The body lines of the car flow perfectly. It’s just pretty.” 

McLain however has done a subpar job of preserving these meticulously designed body lines.  When discussing his driving mishaps McLain opened up about his mistakes.

“I’ve bumped into the garage a few more times than I would like to admit,” he revealed. “The school parking lot is also a weakness for my driving skills.”

McLain’s quote references a crash he was involved in during the end of last year which resulted in the iconic scrape down the passenger side of the car.  This marking has become a staple among its passengers.

“I couldn’t imagine the car without it now,” admitted Stauffer.  “It greets me every time I get in and honestly, just adds more character to the car.  I kinda like it.”

Even though this car has been through the ringer, it is those mishaps and memories that truly make it special.  Every bump and ding adds a new flare, and ultimately is the reason that it received the prestigious “Car of the Month” this December.

“I wanna congratulate Tyler, this is a big award for both him and his car and I wouldn’t want to see anyone but them take it home,” acknowledged Lelonis.