Dodgers Win the World Series!

Dodgers Win the World Series!

On October 27 Game 6 of the 2020 World Series was played between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Tampa Bay Ray. 

This game ended in a 3-1 Dodgers win to crown them the 2020 World Champions in a quite unusual year.

Jack McMullen, Chagrin Falls Baseball starter and Lafayette Baseball commit, has a great understanding of how this series went and the reasons that the Dodgers came out successful, along with a strong opinion on the events of the World Series.

“It sucks. There are few things in sports that are cooler than a sold out baseball stadium and a loud energized crowd for a postseason game. It was noticeably missing during this WS.” McMullen, who is a huge baseball fan in general, was not too happy with the limited fan policy at Global Life Field in Arlington, Texas.

However he was quite happy with the turn out of the series as he would rather see the Dodgers win rather than the Rays.

“Dodgers, I like a lot of the personalities on the team and really wanted to see Kershaw win the ring that he so much deserves,” said McMullen.

McMullen is a fan of the Dodgers lineup full of great personalities and shining stars.

The stars on the Dodgers squad alone are not the only reason that the trophy is going back to Los Angeles. It also has a lot to do with the Dodgers unparalleled drive and hunger for wins in the postseason. 

“Timely clutch hits and standout pitching performances by Kershaw and Beuler,” said McMullen.

McMullen understands what the team was doing all throughout the postseason to lead to their final success of winning the last game of the season.

One star, however, that seemed to stand out the most was Cory Seager of the Dodgers. Cory Seager took home the World Series MVP even though the award could have been given to many others on the Dodgers lineup. Dawson Pierce fellow Chagrin Falls Baseball starter also has a strong understanding and opinion on the series.

“I do. Even though Mookie Betts had an unbelievable World Series as well. I think Seager was better. Mookie also had the better game 6 to win the World Series, but Corey Seager’s performance throughout the entire series was just better,” said Pierce.

The team all around was fantastic throughout the season and the postseason but Cory seemed to stand out and propel the team to their ultimate victory.

Another possible reason that the Dodgers were able to take Game 6 and the championship is because of the controversial pull of star Rays pitcher Blake Snell. Snell was pulled after only letting up 2 hits and he had only thrown around 70 pitches. He was also about to face the 3 batters on the Dodgers that he had done the best against in the last time around.

“I truly believe this was a horrible managerial decision. Along with only giving up his second hit, Snell had only thrown 73 pitches so far in the game. He was pitching really well and I did not agree with that decision,” said Pierce.

Pierce like many other life-long baseball fans thought this was a “horrible managerial decision” that ultimately gave the Dodgers a better path to the win.

This whole series was a dog fight for both teams with neither team ever leaving the door open. The Rays throughout the whole season had been a very good team.

“Primarily because they also had good pitching, They also had young players with a lot of talent, that did not care about their salary as much as they cared about the game of baseball and winning games,” said Pierce.

Pierce has high praise for the Rays lineup along with fans around the league and believes that they have a bright future with their young talent.

However their talent wasn’t enough this year to overcome the powerful Dodgers lead by their superstar lineup and great manager, Dave Roberts.

“Dave Roberts did his job. He had a lot of talent on the roster and he took a back seat so as to let them showcase it,” said McMullen, understanding what it took for Dave Roberts to help his team win.

In conclusion the 2020 Dodgers are well deserving of being World Champions and it was a great year for baseball despite a troubled start.