Chagrin Passes Sustain Chagrin Levy

Courtesy of Sustain Chagrin Twitter Account

Courtesy of Sustain Chagrin Twitter Account

On November 3, about 69% of voters voted to pass the Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools levy “Sustain Chagrin”. 

“Sustain Chagrin” was a 3.85 mills operating levy for the school district that did not increase taxes for citizens for Chagrin, but kept the taxes the same. 

“I feel grateful, incredibly grateful to our community for passing this levy. This will assist us in maintaining the same level of care for our students and support for our students and programming from our students, for the next three years.  So that’s really incredible and the passage rate was overwhelmingly high at 69% which is my understanding, one of the highest passage rates of a levy. Given the circumstances of the school year or this past year, I couldn’t be more pleased and really grateful,” said high school assistant principal Ms. Amanda Rassi. 

The passing of the levy allows the school district to be able to provide for the students without an increase of tax for the community. This is a big win for the school district as they will have sufficient funds to continue to provide exceptional education to Chagrin students. 

Staff members were thrilled with the outcome of the levy and grateful to have a great community behind them. 

“I’m pleased that the voters in the community did support the levy and it gives us the opportunity to continue to be able to provide for our students,” said history teacher Mr. Brian McKenna. 

The Chagrin Schools are glad to have the funds to continue to benefit the community. Also, the community is content with the outcome, as if the levy did not pass, a 7.9 mill operating levy would have had to be requested in the Spring.

This levy is a win-win for both the community and the school district. The combination of no tax increase while still allowing the school to have sufficient funds, benefits both sides.  

“I am thankful that the school will still be able to provide at the same level they have been, while the community does not have to pay any more money than they already are. I think this levy passing was great and I’m excited to see what comes next in the school district,” said senior Tyler McLain.