Changing Weather Means Changing Styles


As summer fades and the temperature plummets, an annual clothing shift begins to occur.  Within the walls of every home, shorts and t-shirts are stashed away to make room for the insulated and cozy styles of winter.

For most people this transition means nothing more than the addition of pants and sweatshirts to their everyday wardrobes.

“I like to dress nicely, however I’ve never focused much on fashion,”  said senior Tyler McLain. “When fall starts usually I just put on pants and a hoodie instead of my usual t-shirt and shorts.”

Most people follow the same model as McLain, making the flip from shorts to pants and t’s to hoodies.  However, for some the changing weather means much.

“Fall is my favorite time of the year,” told junior Zack Muckle.  “I get to finally break out my favorite clothes and flex.”

For Muckle the start of Autumn doesn’t just mean new pants, it means an entirely new wardrobe.

“I’ve been wearing a lot of flannels lately,” Muckle said.  “I’ve also started to wear more jeans recently than I usually do.” 

Muckle isn’t alone in this change.  For years flannels and jeans have been staples of fall fashion and have managed to stand the test of time.  However new styles and trends have popped up alongside the classics.

“I’ve seen a lot of people wearing their beanies rolled up this year,” noticed sophomore Abi Johnson.  “Cargo pants also seem to be back in style for some reason.”
Small beanies and cargo pants are just a few of the trends to see a spark this year.  Vintage clothing in particular has been on the rise recently.

“Doc Martens are really popular at the moment,” said Johnson.  “Thrifted clothes are also a huge trend right now.”

Doc Martens have been around since World War II, however recently the combat boots have become a staple of the fashion community.  Being worn by men and women the boots are iconic for their chunky soles and leather construction.  However as new trends arise old ones also fade out.

“I feel like nobody is wearing khakis anymore,” realized Muckle. “I think that people would much rather wear sweatpants or jeans to non-formal events.”

Muckle isn’t alone in witnessing this occurrence.

“I haven’t worn khakis once all all year,” recounted McLain.  “If I’m not going somewhere fancy I would much rather be in sweatpants.”

The decline of khakis could be chalked up to the quick changes of the fashion world or, most likely, just laziness.  However, unlike khakis, one clothing item will inevitably make a return this holiday season. The Christmas sweater.

“I own at least five,” Muckle said. “There is just something about slipping on an itchy, festive sweater that gets me in the holiday spirit.”

The love for these sweaters is universal.  Their versatility has allowed the holiday pullovers to gain traction and become a staple of snow filled landscapes across the globe.

“I love christmas sweaters,” expressed Johnson. “Even if they aren’t the most stylish thing to wear, you have to own one.”

With trends appearing as fast as they vanish it is always good to have a go to on hand.  The world of fashion is brutal and staying on top of your wardrobe is important, so when in doubt rely on the basics: flannels, jeans, and a christmas sweater.