An Unforgettable Senior Night


On Friday, October 2, the CFHS football team, cheerleaders, and band members celebrated their senior night.

Each senior was presented by Mr. Bargar, who listed facts about each individual and their future plans for college. He explained how each senior has grown throughout the years of participating in their activity.

Ella Deuberry has been an active member of the marching band since her freshman year.

“Band has supplied me a place for all my friends and me to hang out, as well as meet new people you wouldn’t even think about being friends with. I met upperclassmen when I was a freshman, and I try to do the same for the younger classmen now,” stated Deuberry.

Deuberry explained how the band has given her opportunities to make connections with people she has never talked to, and she wants to make an impact on the kids younger than her to create an open community within it.

Additionally, the football team has a quite similar feeling about the friendliness within the sport.

“It’s impacted me in many ways. It’s given me a reason to work out and get strong. It’s given me a group of people to call my own. And, it taught me mental toughness. Overall, it’s helped make me into who I am today,” said senior Jackson Chinnici.

Not only is football a fun game to play, it has created motivation and strength in Chinnici, also providing him a core group of friends to fit in with. 

Because of Covid-19, the season had to be shortened, but, the encouragement from the players motivated each other to put in additional work to have an outstanding season.

“A lot of players put in the extra work when available, despite Covid. Doing things like organizing and attending workouts, studying plays, and more. Also, being in better shape than other teams, due to conditioning, has been a big strength for us,” Chinnici stated.

All of the players want the season to be closest to normal, so they are willing to do whatever it takes.

The cheerleaders have made the most of the season, continuing to support the football team on their journey through the regular season and playoffs.

“The most exciting thing about cheering was when we were able to see our team win or when it was a close game,” senior Lilly Catney said.

Catney describes the excitement of the team winning games and creates enthusiasm within the spectators.

Although the season was different than others, due to Covid, Catney remained happy with it overall.

“Even though there were fewer games, it still felt pretty normal, besides there being no student section,” stated Catney.

She kept a positive attitude towards the differences this year and ignored the minor flaws of the 2020 season.

Furthermore, the marching band has kept the same hard-working consistency this season as it has in the past.

“I would credit Mrs. Shoenfelt for our success. She has done a great job, given the circumstances, putting together great shows while also making sure the seniors aren’t missing out on everything that could have happened pre-Covid,” said Deuberry.

This is Mrs. Shoenfelt’s last year helping instruct the band in their performances and she has given it her all to make it a magical experience for all members.

Seniors from cheerleading, marching band, and the football team will be missed and we cannot wait to see where their future leads them.

“I will miss the community as a whole. We became very close over the last four years and leaving everyone will be difficult,” said Deuberry.